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Death Of Wigwe; A Collosal Loss to the Nation – By Hon. Nwafor Richard Marvelous

The catastrophe that befall a man can be attributed to the ill-fated helicopter crash involving an industrialist, well accomplished Banker in the person of WIGWE Herbert and his wife, two sons and others onboard including Sir Abimbola Ogunbanjo in California USA.

The untimely demise of this fresh Brain/National asset from the Rivers State is too painful to bear, as his contribution to the development of the banking sector is needed at a time were dollar rate is skyrocketing in the foreign exchange market.

WIGWE Herbert
WIGWE Herbert

I urge the US government to launch an investigation into this unfortunate incident that sent a great shock to the nation (Nigeria 🇳🇬).

We will not continue to loss the lives of our dear citizen to an error that would have be avoided by relevant authorities.

The immediate families of the deceased should take solace, as I pray God to grant his soul eternal repose…. Amen.

Goodnight Sir HERBERT WIGWE.

✍️Hon. Nwafor Richard Marvelous

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