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Birthday: Hon. Leke Joseph Abejide Appreciates Associates, Well Wishers

The Chairman House Committee on Customs &Excise, and member representing Yagba East, Yagba West and Mopamuro Federal Constituency of Kogi State,  Hon. Leke Abejide has thanked family members,friends, associates and supporters who played various roles in the celebration of his birthday yesterday.

Hon. Leke Abejide expressed his appreciation to the leadership of the 10th National Assembly under Rt. Hon. Tajudeen Abbas the Speaker of the House of Representatives and other members for celebrating him.

He said ” I give glory to God for giving me the grace of having family members, friends, associates, supporters and well-wishers who celebrated my birthday, beyond what I could have ever organised on my own”.

“My gratitude goes to all my people who organised prayers, those who sponsored the donation of gifts, those who paid for newspaper and social media advertisements as well as those who issued press statements to congratulate me.

Let me specifically appreciate the leadership of the House of Representatives under Rt. Hon. Tajudeen Abbas, members of the House of Representatives, leaders, political associates, politicians, members of the business community, family members, friends, aides,organisations, the good people of Yagba Federal Constituency and beyond the shores of Yagba, my party members and non-party members.

“You all made my day special, this and many more once again has reminded me of the bountiful joy that I have reaped from my family, friends and political associates, and how blessed I am to have so much love from everyone around me”.

“Thank you very much for your wonderful congratulations on my birthday. Your words made me smile, your bright wishes inspired me, gave me courage, strength, confidence and purposefulness to serve the good people of Yagba Federal Constituency and Nigeria better.

“Thank you very much!”

Hon. Leke Abejide wished his loved ones and well-wishers happiness, excellent health, and unquenchable optimism of the soul.

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