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“Why Kogi Remain Undeveloped Since Creation In 1991; A New Kogi is Possible” – Like Minds Alliance Pressure Group

Members of the Like Minds Alliance Pressure Group, Kogi State Chapter has emphasized on some reasons why Kogi State remain undeveloped since creation of the state in 1999 but optimistic that a New Kogi is possible.

In a brief discussion with political pundits, Leaders of the Like Minds stated that Kogi State have remain undeveloped since creation of the state due to bad leaders & gullible followers.

The Group explained that Kogi State is blessed with over 35 various mineral resources, pointing out that the Confluence State has the capacity to live in abundance at all times with good government policies and programs and true followers who will truly tap leaders at the when they are right and as well, speak out when they are wrong.

“We made outsider’s billionaires out of our God given resources, yet we remain were we are…! lt’s time to reunite and look beyond divisive issues/political affiliations and make Kogi the dream of our founding fathers. A visit to Jigawa, Niger, among others will make you understand our feelings

“Kogi State is a glorified local government to other states in terms of development

“Some years back I met former Governor Jolly Nyame of Taraba State in a London hotel where he confessed to me that if governors in Nigeria utilizes 25 percent of their state allocation for developmental purposes, every State will be like London

“A quick glance at history reveals that late Prince Abubakar Audu established a University in his senatorial district, built housing schemes in Lokoja the state capital, Governor lbro came, did damage control for Meme Bridge, got an housing scheme, looted our resources in building five star hotels in Abuja in his eight years rule

“Captain Idris Wada started percentage payments to Civil Servants and Pensioners in Kogi State, the record is obvious. PRINCE ABUBAKAR AUDU was still having EFCC case hanging on his neck but kogite voted for him to come and rule in 2015, if not death that stopped him, he won the election.


Former Governor Yahaya Bello came onboard in a divine way, though he has nothing to show in form of achievements in his first term but in fairness, in his second term we had changes i.e construction/completion of Ganaja Flyover in Lokoja, Confluence University in Osara, Reference Hospital in Okene, Construction of Feeder/Major roads in the East and Central Senatorial District, leaving Okun Nation uncared for until the tail end of his administration that the joker came a university in Kabba.

Dear Okun patriots, “A new Kogi is Possible”, Okun man can do better. We ought to support whoever that will consider Okun man for Governor. We need to change our opinions, decisions, principles when the occasion calls for it. Bad leadership behaviors cause several collateral damage that is often hidden.

We must be willing to conform to the politics of the collective. Politics is about building a coalitions and getting policies accomplished.

I will implore the good people of Okun land to reunite, more formidable and focused, four years is around the corner and is enough time to have perfected the process and eliminated the glitches that featured in past polls. Politics is about how many friends we make, not how many enemies.

FGYB had reasons to probe Ibro and Wada for corruption charges but chose to face governance and not to witch hunt his predecessor, unfortunately he surrounded himself with BETRAYALS and LOOTERS.

We need to jettison tribal or religious politics and let’s focus on giving Kogi West, especially Okun extraction the opportunity/privilege to occupy Lugard House since they have long been marginalized. We should take into consideration the antecedents of individuals in Okun Land, especially Hon. Leke Abejide among others who once upon a time became enemy to the government in power because of his masses oriented projects.

Hon Leke Abejide is a phenomenon in political equation. He leads, other follows, my humble submission.

Don’t strive to divide, let us pledge to forge a path defined by mutual understanding.

A new Kogi is possible, Okun people can do better. lt is gratifying to note that 33 years since the creation of the state, we have not defeated the skepticism on our ability to govern ourselves.

It is time to bring in nice and pitching ideas that will benefit Okun Land. So, if you know anything, don’t hold back, we’ll all make it together. We shall triumph, start the process to secure the future of Okun Nation.

National Coordinator, Like Minds Alliance Pressure Group



  1. My believe too that Kogi state can be better with purposeful, well focused and developmental leadership. Brilliant and creative persons of the state origin must sit together discuss Kogi


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Gov. Usman Ahmed Ododo 100 Days In Office

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