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Tension In Kabba As Oba Owoniyi Ridicules Oba Odolu

By Muhammad Amuda – Lokoja

Tension in Kabba as Oba Owoniyi subjects Oba Odolu and Head of Odolu Ruling Group to public ridicule by ordering the Police to bundle him out of his palace despite that he was officially invited for a traditional council meeting.

The emergence of the new Obadofin of Oweland may have taken another dimension as Oba Solomon Owoniyi, the Obaro of Kabba may have gone personal, as he was reported to have attacked the Oba of Odolu, the Head of Odolu Ruling Group, Oba Joseph Oshatuyi during the Kabba-Bunu Traditional Council meeting held at his palace few days ago to deliberate on the nomination of a the new Obadofin of Oweland.

According to an eyewitness, the situation became chaotic immediately after Oba Dele Owoniyi sighted Oba Odolu on his arrival for the meeting scheduled to be held in his palace to make some far-reaching decisions on the process that will lead to the pronouncement of the new Obadofin of Oweland.

Oba Owoniyi in anger told Oba Odolu to leave his palace as he didn’t want to see him in his palace again, while the Oba Odolu responded that he did not come to his house rather he was officially invited to a meeting in his palace which is a public place and by his position as a second class chief he is entitled to attend the meeting.

In the process of the hot argument the Obaro who had made enough provision of heavily armed mobile policemen around his palace to rough handle  anyone that may stand in his way in the nomination of his candidate took control of command of the officers as the Oba Odolu insisted that he must attend the meeting. It was reported, at this time, the Obaro ordered the police officers on standby to carry him out of his palace.

It was also reported that in the process of carrying him out of the palace, his cap and shoes went different ways as they lifted him off the ground and took him out of the premises.

Some of the monarchs who attended the meeting and spoke to our reporter but don’t want their names in print criticised the action of the Obaro who is supposed to be father to all bringing himself so low to the level of indulging in a public altercation with any of his co Obas, not even someone who is the head of his ruling group and through whom he was nominated for the then vacant stool of Obaro of Kabba.

“It was a sad event today for the Obaro of Kabba to subject the head of his ruling group, a second-class chief, to such public embarrassment.

A witness said, “It is the height of public ridicule to the entire Odolu Ruling Group and Owe culture and traditions, to have treated the Oba Odolu, His Royal Highness, Oba Joseph Oshatuyi the head of his ruling group so shabbily”.

“The Obaro of Kabba that should be the custodian of the rich cultural and traditional heritage of the people is now the one destroying the culture and traditions that he should uphold. It is disheartening to know that a royal father that is expected to maintain peace in his domain is now the problem, destabilizing the peace and tranquility of the community, courtesy of his self centered interests”

It will be recalled that the stool of the Obadofin of Oweland became vacant following the demise of His Royal Majesty, Oba Michael Oladele Yusuf last year January and his final burial rites were completed in April same year.

In line with the enabling laws which provided a three-month time frame during which the new Obadofin of Oweland shall emerge, the Obaro of Kabba was said to have allegedly delayed the process due to personal reasons of having his anointed candidate to fill the vacant stool.

According to information gathered, the Obaro after much pressure decided to write a back-dated letter to the Head of Odolu Ruling Group to commence the process of nominating candidate to fill the vacant stool in line with enabling laws that guarantee the rotational arrangements of the Ololu titles in Kabba Oweland.

The information further revealed that the ruling group despite the deliberate delay by the Oba Owoniyi, swung into action and set up the family heads committee which the Obaro had illegally constituted without the involvement of the Head of the Odolu ruling group who is legally empowered to set up such committee.

The committee, having realised the urgency of the assignment, worked round the clock and came out with a report after due diligence and consultations with various traditional stakeholders and Ifa Oracle being what the customs and traditions demand.

The committee came up with the most suitable and preferred candidate, Chief Julius Ojo Arokoyo who was nominated but to the surprise of many, Oba Solomon Owoniyi openly declared that he would not work with the committee report and threatened to deal with anyone who crossed his way, boasting that he will let them know that he has direct contact to the Governor.

It was also reported a few days ago on social media that in disobedience to the enabling laws, Oba Dele Owoniyi usurped the power of the Executive Governor of Kogi State by pronouncing and declaring one Segun Are in his palace as the Obadofin of Oweland which is against the law that vests such power in the Executive Governor of the State.

He went outside of his legal traditional authority to make such declaration in other to foist a candidate on the community create creating a fertile atmosphere for confusion and anarchy.

A witness likened the present traditional administration in Kabba to that of a tyranny in a banana republic without any consultations with anyone.

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