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Bureau Of Land Seeks Understanding And Corporation From Stakeholders Over Land Management

The Bureau of Land and Urban Development has called stakeholders to an interactive session over effective land management in Kogi State.

The Director General (DG) of the Bureau, Mr. Abdulmalik Teina Samari hosted the session in Glass House, Kogi State Government House in Lokoja on Wednesday.

The DG during his opening remarks said the Bureau of Land and Urban Development is the only organ and body of government that reserves the right and power to allocate lands to individuals, group of persons, companies, business and other entities.

He urged communities to take the proper protocol of involving the Bureau in the process of land allocation as this will enable the government guide them on proper development of structures.

He added that the Government is not interested in taking the land of any community(ies), rather ensure proper town planning blueprint are followed in the development of respective structures.

The DG, having worked in the Abuja Land Department expressed his experiences on the positive impact of allowing Government allocate lands, he emphasized that Government knows and respect the fact that lands belongs to people, and if government must take lands, there will be compensation commensurate to the value of the land.

The interactive session also importantly raised issues that concerns the 16 Kilometers Radius of land that the Lokoja metropolis captures.

The DG said when Kogi State was created in 1991, the Government enacted an edith named “16 Kilometers Radius”, he the Edith is of great interest to the Government at this time.

The 16 Kilometers Radius covers for where land reaches from within the State Capital, Lokoja.

He said the Bureau needs the corporation of the community to identify portions that belongs to the government and community differently, to avoid embarrassment of the Bureau officials.

He asked that for the sake of Law, communities should allow Government allocate the lands within 16 Kilometers Radius.

Asking the community to allow the Bureau to guide them on design and development for proper identification of areas earmarked for drainages, green area, etc, like other developed cities.

He complained that numerous access roads has been grossly encroached in the capital city, Lokoja, that government may have to demolish houses to create access roads, talk of compensation to avoid complaints from people, meanwhile resources are limited.

Using Abuja as reference point, he said having worked at Abuja land department before, what is obtainable there being the most beautiful city in Nigeria today, urged the stakehokders to join hands with him adopt the Abuja approach.

He also said the Bureau under his watch will not allow unlawful harassment of persons by thugs over land dispute. He encouraged stakeholders to make proper complain at the Bureau for the issue to be looked into.

Questions, contributions, suggestion were fielded from different individuals representing various communities in Lokoja (16 Kilometers Radius).

Abdullahi Musa, representing Eleso of Felele emphasizes on the importance of the government informing the community if land is allocated to any company or individuals.

Another speaker advised the government to bridge communication gap between the Bureau and the communities, ask for more compensations from government.

Pastor Adekunle from Oba Community said government haven’t fulfilled compensations for Oworo communities, he added that some challenges lies with the Bureau, he applauded the DG for his honesty and sincerity. He further advised the DG to meet with head of respective communities, emphasizing the State Government to compensate Oworo people.

Police Officers representing AIG Zone 8 Headquarters, Lokoja pointed how dangerous it is for residential buildings between security personnel offices, just like the ones around Zone 8 and the military barracks.

Babatunde from Apata said the community wants to know the extent of the 16 Kilometers Radius and that they don’t want lands to be allocated to persons who will sell for strangers.

Cascade News Correspondent if there plans to reclaim already encroached lands.

Ebenezer Daudu from Otokiti Community raise questions on alternative access roads, also suggested that government buildings should be spread across the State.

Ampitan from Igaa Akin asked the Bureau to look into court judgements which favors Igaa Akin, urges government to act on it.

Another speaker urges the Bureau to look into court cases appropriately before making conclusions and taking action.

Olu of Apata, His Royal Highness, Frederick Balogun appreciated the DG for the initiative of calling stakehokders, he said land is the most important thing created by God, given to individuals to manage by location and it is the responsibility of the communities to resist encroachment.

All communities wants to develop he stated, advised government to open other communities, take development to suburbs of the 16 Kilometers Radius.

He also urged government to develop lands and areas of land taken from some communities 10, 20 years above ago. The paramount ruler enjoins the government to build access roads, culverts, install electricity etc in communities for accelerated multiplying development.

The Olu of Oworo, His Royal Highness, Mohammed Adoga Bayero who was also present, again lauds the Bureau for the initiative to forstal and properly manage land dispute, he said land is startic and population continues to grow, hence the importance of this kind of program to manage people of land matters.

The DG of Bureau in his responses to the questions and contributions said the base map and master will be consulted to properly identify the 16 Kilometers Radius.

He said the State Government is planning a scheme to integrate all the existing structures within cover in the State and not displace and inconvenience people. He encouraged the people to come forward with their allocation paper for regularisation of their lands and possibly have a Certificate of Ownership (C of O) for proper documentation.

He said structures that are on unavoidable access roads will be domlished for the main purpose to be achieved.

He urges all complaints on unfulfilled government promises to be officially brought to the Bureau for further and depth interaction for possible solution.

He said the alternative access road from Ganaja village to Zone 8 is very important to this administration, he also asked for interaction to know the government layout for Felele Community.

He said the door of the Bureau is open for communication and interaction, that Lokoja should really be taken to a status of a city being the former Capital of Nigeria.

The Permanent Secretary while giving the vote of thanks appreciates the turn out, ask for more representation of stakehokders as he announces communities present.



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