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Atimpo: Nigeria’s Youngest Chief of Staff (CoS), Sterling and Administrative Acumen in Conformity Wth Greater Anticipation.

The very moment he was proclaimed as the Chief of Staff (CoS) to Governor Ododo Ahmed Usman, the executive governor of Kogi State, outsiders who are not in sync with his long – standing but very silent personality negligently raised an eyebrow, demanding to ascertain who Hon. Ali really was.

For some of us (insiders), whenever the folklore of Kogi State would be written under the tutelage of Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello, Atimpo would be recognized as the engine room of the GYB highly successful eight years tenure.

This unassuming young chap is a great example of leadership driven by values, selfless principles, empathy & uncommon philantropism.

He is truly a role model if only more leaders are like him!

Emphatically, whenever Kogi State was blighted by supposedly insurmountable challenges in the early days of the GYB led administration, he is readily & strategically poised to providing long lasting solutions.

He was a very critical but humane stakeholder who helped in no small measure to navigate through the murky water of politics in Kogi State.

Some people referred to him as the “second governor” because of his influence and the trust reposed in him by GYB.

To say he is one of the brain behind the resuscitation of the infrastructural decay in Kogi State before 2016 is stating the obvious.

The youthful but vibrant Ali anticipates and envisages a situation as an opportunity, regardless of the shortcomings; & influences the GYB system constructively for the greater benefit of humanity.

If you also call him a strategy – thinker par excellence; being an influencer insider caucus of the GYB school of thought

because he understands vividly the political terrain, dynamics & workings of the political economy of the Confluence state of opportunities, you’re not farther from the truth.

Hon. Atimpo is an incurable optimist who believes that Kogi State development can’t occur by accident; unless ochestrated by many hands to come to fruition. He is an ardent believer that an average Kogite should not be shortchanged.

Hon. Ali is also a good promoter of human dignity. He professes and practice the belief that everyone is created in the image & likeness of Allah and therefore has dignity by the very fact of his /her humanity and not because he / she was born with a silver spoon or into an aristocratic family.

Being the last link between the Ododo led administration and the highly pragmatic citizens of Kogi State, he has inculcate a slogan – ” no one will be left behind in our political resolve to consolidate on the good work of GYB”.

The hallmark of a great leader encapsulates the essence of life – not to be happy- but to matter, to be useful, to make substantial difference from the status quo that you’ve lived at all.

Right from the onset, the body language of the new administration depicts no room for ethnic segregation, whipping of unethical sentiments along religious divide, gender inequality etc are all dead. The only issue is how expensive would there funerals be!

The journey might be tumultuous; the road might be a little bit rough & the present economic impasse might have been a drawback but with a proactive, versatile and heart full of gold like Kogi State newest Chief of Staff (CoS), Kogites can be rest assured of improved welfare scheme, 21st century infrastructural facilities, improved health care delivery, safeguarding of lives and property, human face tax reforms etc.

Tony Oloniruha,

Political Communication Expert,

Writes from Kabba, Kogi State.



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