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Standup For Women Society Calls On Leaders To Reduce People’s Suffering.

The national body of the Standup for Women Society frowns at the Federal Government’s delay to slash the cost of consumable and non-consumable commodities in the market.

The group through her National Public Relations Officer, Lib. Billie Nwogu stated in a statement signed by their International President, Barrister Deborah Ijadele-Adetona, and released to Journalists that many people are already going through lot of hardships to be able to feed at least once a day.

Barrister Deborah Ijadele-Adetona who expressed her concern stated that her society has gone to many indigen homes to support them but with the look of things, if nothing is done urgently to intervene, people will begin to die of hunger and starvation because those who are working cannot boast of their salaries to sustain them through the month and those who laboured could hardly sustain themselves due to lack of patronage.

I lament at the horrible sight of some people. This is beyond NGOs. The Federal and State Governments need to form a force that will help to reach out to major marketers of goods and commodities to reduce their prices by at least 50%. People are going through a lot, and if this is not done urgently, I am afraid, people will begin to die of hunger” she added.

The *SWS* appealed to Security Agents to double their effort to protect the good citizens of our country to reduce crimes and criminality across the nation of Nigeria because some hide under the canopy of too much hardship in the country to cause mayhem on the people.

Barr. Deborah commended the establishment of the National Commodity Board and urged the Federal Government to empower them to switch into immediate action by introducing a price control policy as well as arrest and prosecute any traders, and major marketers going against the policies.

Let the people breathe she said. The extortion by the marketers and traders is too high using the dollar rate to sell even as the common man struggles to buy what ordinarily should not be affected by dollar to naira rate. As it stands, no more poor man food, as common as Garri, it is now for the rich. Pls, Nigerians need help now.



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