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Remembering Prince Abubakar Audu, A Good Friend: 8 Years So Soon – Like 8 Days

Ogbonicha cometh a star

A star of reckoning, charisma, and grandeur

Grandeur in grace Divine

Divine, the Divinity of creations!

Created for visionary success

Success with building blocks of struggles, failures, joy, and tears

Tears in privacy in the voyage of reckoning

Reckoning as the dividend finally appeared from the blues!

From obscurity to prominence

Prominence in the banking sector and governance of Kogi State

Hmmm, what do you expect?

Swarms of varied shades of characters encircled

Human leaders turned honey in climes like Nigeria

Surrounded by goodwill, ill-will, foes, and friends

What a mixed multitude?

Of vultures, hyenas, bedbugs, and principled people of sincerity and integrity?

With missions of contradictions hardly differentiated

Such, the albatross of the Nigerian leaders!

Albatross in sycophancy and hosanna choristers in veiled evils

Traps on the path of leaders, mountains on the sides, and red sea in view

But the cheers go on as the voice dwarfs the few genuine followers

Alas, the leaders only learn in retrospect! What a pity!!

My good friend always remains my leader and a compatriot

The liberation journey started together but midway departed

Departure in differences, not of passion

Shine is my solid passion for the enigma!

A good man was he, my love for him ever a shimmering star

Once a friend, ever a friend

The solidness of love is tested by the harmer of injuries

The true love is the rock of Gibraltar, the love of mine for him

Your memories evergreen remain

G O O D N I G H T!!

I was resting this evening in Bilston, England when a still voice asked: ‘’When did your friend die?’’ I went to the internet and beheld the following day to be the anniversary of his death! A coincidence you may allude, but to me it is divine! I decided to break my decision to quarantine myself from Facebook until the rain of madness is drained by the earth. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace and may God grant the continued fortitude for his children, siblings, and well-wishers to bear the loss.

This article, just like the ones written by me in remembrance of his death in previous years, was written in good faith in sincere honour of a departed worthy friend. To those who might want to deliberately misinterpret my intention, I will NOT seek or accept any contract from his son recently appointed as a minister.



– Dr. Moses WokiliD eputy Governor Candidate of ANPP and Prince Abubakar Audu’s Running Mate in 2011

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