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Prince Shuaibu Abubakar Audu, A Model of Good Governance – By Advocates of Good Governance and Humanity (Renewed Hope)

Public Office is an effective litmus test for the occupants of various political positions in relation to placement of their performance on the scale of public scrutiny.

Having closely observed the policies, programmes and initiatives by the Honourable Minister of Steel Development, Prince Shuaibu Abubakar Audu, both in the unprecedented manner he is handling the affairs of the ministry of steel development, and being a shining ambassador of his home State, Kogi, we are proud to identify with Prince Shuaibu Audu, as a way of encouraging him to do more, and very importantly, as a spur to other public office holders to put the people first, like Prince Audu is doing.

In less than one year of assumption of duty in the Ministry of Steel Development, Prince Shuaibu Audu has embarked on well thought out initiatives that are already hoisting the ministry on the totem pole of accomplishments and greatness.

He has deployed undying passion and utmost creativity, flying on the wings of selflessness to ensure that the vision and blueprint of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR in the Ministry of Steel Development, and his good work is already yielding fruits for the overall development of Nigeria.

As a leader who wants results rather than give excuses, we have seen the steps taken by Prince Audu to explore the possibility of securing up to $5 million funding from the World Bank to finance the 10-year roadmap for the steel and metals sector. This is a product of good thinking rather than folding hands to look helpless, and lament for funding. But the minister is eager to get things done, and change the hitherto precarious situation of that once bubbling sector, with its potential of economic boom and attendant prosperity of the people.

This was preceded by a discussion with Russia’s TyazhPromExport (TPE) Consortium, the original equipment manufacturers and developers of the Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited (ASCL) with a view to exploring options available for reviving the company. This collaboration and partnership equally had another leg to it with the same mission of securing funding of at least $2 billion for the revamping of the same Ajaokuta Steel Company. He is working round the clock to make things work, rather than being comfortable like an armchair minister. Prince Audu is also at the concluding stages of raising N35 billion (over $30 million) from local financiers for the revival of the Light Steel Mill (LSM) at Ajaokuta following earlier approval from President Tinubu to raise private financing.

Already, the workaholic and foresighted Minister of Steel Development, Prince Shuaibu Audu is working towards the establishment of a compressed natural gas (CNG) park at the Ajaokuta Steel Complex in order to tap into the N100 billion fund set-up by the federal government, as a major step to bringing back to life, the economically viable industry.

In fact, it was no mean feat when Arise TV hailed the minister for securing $10 billion in commitments to invest in Nigeria’s steel industry.

He is at the forefront of making the federal government fast track efforts at reviving steel facilities and research centres in Jos, Plateau State and the National Steel Raw Materials Agency, Kaduna.

Prince Audu understands the enormity and crucial nature of the office he is occupying, and understands that Nigerians are eager to see things work, hence his commitment to ensuring that the expectations of Nigerians are met.

The Honourable Minister acknowledges the place of steel development in the economic rejuvenation of the country, and wants to see that the steel sector plays that crucial role in the actualization of the Renewed Hope mantra of the federal government, thereby earning the confidence of the masses. He is building formidable goodwill for Mr President, and the federal government at large.

Very importantly, the Honourable Minister of Steel Development, Prince Shuaibu Audu, while serving the federal government very diligently and meticulously, does not lose sight of the fact that he has a role to play in the lives of the people of his native Kogi State. He has not abdicated that role but is rather doing it in a passionate way.

This, he has shown in diverse ways. Prince Audu has been there for Kogi in challenging times. For instance, when Omala Local Government Area of the State was brutally attacked by herdsmen and bandits, he showed empathy by personally visiting them and donating 3.5 million Naira of his personal funds to the victims.

A worthy ambassador of Kogi, Prince Audu did not stop there; he took the plight of his people to the right quarters in Abuja, and from there succour came for the people. This included the visit by the country’s first lady who came to give further support to the victims.

Prince Audu is topnotch in philanthropic gestures. He has been giving foodstuffs to religious leaders, traditional rulers and political leaders across the 21 local government areas of Kogi State either to mark the President’s birthday, or as succour to Nigerians during the recent Ramadan period.

In all ramifications, the Minister of Steel Development, Prince Shuaibu Abubakar Audu has really reflected the fruits of good governance, juxtaposing that with his sterling leadership attributes of accountability, transparency and integrity, all of which he has deployed to the patriotic task of repositioning the steel sector. Prince Audu has engaged in other developmental activities in the Steel sector and across Kogi State that are too numerous to mention in just one article.

It is on this note that we in Advocates for Good Governance and Humanity (Renewed Hope) deem Prince Audu fit and qualified for our objective commendation as a worthy ambassador of good governance, which is what we preach and appreciate.

Hajiya Zainab A. Ibrahim
Director -General
Advocates for Good Governance and Humanity (Renewed Hope Agenda)
Abuja, Nigeria.


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