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Odolu Youths Chides Obaro Not To Desecrate Oweland, Says Obadofin Stool Not For Highest Bidders

… Urges him to leave Oba Odolu alone as his plan to dethrone him will not stand

Odolu Balaja Youths has been monitoring the unfolding scenario concerning the emergence of the new Obadofin of Oweland since the demise of the late Obadofin of Oweland, His Royal Majesty Oba Michael Oladele Yusuf close to a year ago, the Obaro of Kabba, have deliberately delayed the process of the emergence of the new Obadofin because he wants to work out his preferred candidate to emerge despite he doesn’t know anything about the culture and traditions of Kabba (Oweland).

It is a known fact that Oba Dele Owoniyi is fond of installing his cronies and yes men for any positions be it traditional or political despite his preferred candidate is not eligible to the exalted stool of Obadofin.

It good to note that he invited Chief Segun Areh Joseph who was sacked for fraud in NNPCL and someone who knows nothing about the culture and traditions of Oweland, and an individual who don’t have a single respect for any of his family/clan members as he refused to attend any of the meetings called for the purpose of electing the new Obadofin within the family whose turn it is to produce.

As usual, Obaro Dele Owoniyi set up his machinery of destruction as he always used to do to distract and divide the clan and Odolu community just to have his way to make sure his cronies got the seat, not minding the kind of person he’s trying to install from the backyard.

Mr. Segun Areh Joseph, his preferred candidate, whose results were questionable, and a yes man as stated above, knows nothing about the culture and traditions with zero respect to the Clan where he comes from.

It was alleged that the Obaro has been heavily compromised with huge sum of money to mortgage the culture and traditions of Oweland to give the exotic of office of the Obadofin of Oweland to someone who has lost touch with the culture and traditions of the community as he made money available to any screening committee members to waggle his way through after he has lost out in inaugurating the said committee or nominating Chairman of the Screening committee.

After losing out to get his candidate Segun Areh Joseph the ticket, he quickly pronounced the dissolution of all 12 Clans head who aren’t okay with his nature of Adolf Hitler behaviors, destroying the revere culture and traditions of Oweland because he himself openly in public agreed that, he don’t know anything about the culture and traditions because his father was a Christian.

Obaro Dele Owoniyi was said to have ran into trouble waters when all the Clan Heads disagreed with him on his decision to singular handily choose a novice who don’t know anything about the culture and traditions of the community and could scale through the screening committee and came distance 3rd because he failed the screening exercises woefully.

To the surprise of all attendees in the Palace, Obaro Dele Owoniyi, mistakenly, openly declared in the Ñkô of 29th January that he has a candidate for the stool of Obadofin.

Presently, he has lobbied his new fake proclaimed clan heads with peanut to sign a letter to nominate Segun Areh Joseph and he’s ready to present him to Kabba Traditional Council in few hours after he has presented the issue to the Caretaker Chairman who is also same clan with the Obaro.

Obaro Dele Owoniyi will always be ready to grab all positions available for grabbing politically or traditionally. He’s name tag Office /Stool Grabber.

Segun Areh Joseph, his candidate, took distance 3rd position in the reports of Odolu Royal Ruling House that was submitted to the Obaro inline with the enabling laws.

Unlike other traditional royal highnesses/majesties who will see all as one as members of the community irrespective of their clan, religion or political affiliations.

Obaro will always play sentiment in all positions available for grab, i.e, LGA Chairman, Commissioner and Special Adviser 2019 and Caretaker Chairman, Commissioner and Education Secretary 2024. He’s known to always divide the community he’s to be the traditional head.

Everyone should be surprised how an aspirant who took 3rd position will be picked ahead of 1st and 2nd positions.

The Oba Odolu who is the head of the ruling house whose turn it is to choose for the vacant Stool of Obadofin with the clans head has been at loggerhead for close to a year now just because of his dastardly act of choosing a wrong candidate, all correspondence indicating he’s too desperate to have his crony candidate installed at all cost will be out for the public in few days to come.

Fact is that Segun Areh Joseph immediate family who are known for corruption can spend any amount to purchase the revere stool for Segun Are which is against the culture and traditions of the community.

It is a known fact that those sponsoring him are highly placed individuals in government at different levels who are alleged to have released the sum of ten million naira to execute the job.

He set aside the Kabba Bunu LGA customary law of 2001 and same Edit 12 of 1995 that was used to make him the Obaro of Kabba few years back which is still in contest at the Law Court, whereas there’s no law that approve the power to select any Ololu to the Obaro as he’s about doing in few days coming.

It’s a known fact that the Family whose turn it is to produce Obadofin wrote a letter to the head of Odolu ruling house to pick one out of the two contestants who made themselves available for the family to do the needful, but it’s unfortunate that the Obaro Dele Owoniyi forcefully through some of his cronies he already bought over with money believed to be from the super rich micro family of his candidate, after his money couldn’t do what he needed, threaten all stakeholders involved that he will withdraw the stool from Irasi clan if Segun Areh is not allowed to attend screening.

It is also good to note that one Funsho Otu announced Segun Areh few hours ago at the Obajemu of Oweland Palace, almost all the Orotas kick against his nominations, that’s he’s not known and could not be nominated for such traditional position.

Conclusively, IFA is known to be the best selection after screening, Dele Owoniyi should come out to swear to EBORA OWE DIETY if Segun Areh Joseph his candidate was the choice IFA pronounced.

If he’s above all, God Almighty will show his Almighty power against him, as he continues to boast of his closeness to former Governor Yahaya Bello, claiming there’s nothing he can’t get done in Kogi State since GYB is there for him.

The new Governor of Kogi State should as a matter of urgency call the State DSS Office to furnished his office with many petitions against Obaro Dele Owoniyi on the Stool of Obadofin of Oweland.

– Sunday Joseph Obawole

For: Concerned Odolu Balaja Youth.

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