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Appointment of Commissioners: Okai Urges Kogi Governor To Priroritize State Interest Over Tribal Affiliations

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) House of Representatives candidate for Dekina/Bassa federal constituency in the 2023 elections, Austin Okai, has called on the newly sworn-in Kogi State governor, Usman Ododo, to prioritize state interests over tribal affiliations.

This appeal follows reports that three commissioner designates are from Okene Local Government, Ododo’s place of origin, while the entire Kogi East, comprising nine local governments, has only two commissioners designated (one from Dekina and another from Ibaji).

Reacting to the development in a statement shared with journalists on Wednesday, Okai highlighted the disparities in commissioner positions based on tribal affiliations, particularly between Okene Local Government (LG) and Kogi East.

He stated, “This lopsided distribution of commissioner positions appears to favor certain regions with lesser populations and fewer local governments, leaving the majority in Kogi East underrepresented.

“Surprisingly, Okene LG, with only three commissioner designates, outweighs the entire Kogi East, which boasts nine LGs but has only two commissioners designated – one from Dekina and another from Ibaji.

“This approach to appointing commissioners based on tribal affiliations not only raises concerns about fairness but also challenges the principles of justice within the state’s governance.

“A governor’s responsibility is to prioritize the needs and interests of the entire state, ensuring equitable representation that reflects the diverse demographics and geographical landmarks. Unfortunately, the current trend fosters a divisive environment, perpetuating existing divisions and tensions within Kogi State.

“Leadership should be guided by a commitment to unity and inclusivity, transcending tribalism and favoritism. By neglecting the majority in Kogi East, the government risks alienating a significant portion of its population and exacerbating existing regional tensions.

“It is crucial for leaders to adopt a more holistic and balanced approach in commissioner appointments, ensuring that every region and community is adequately represented in the decision-making process.

“The current imbalance in commissioner appointments based on tribal affiliations is a cause for concern in Kogi State. It is imperative for the government to reassess its approach, prioritizing fairness, and ensuring that all regions receive proportional representation. Only through such measures can the state move towards a more united and cohesive future, leaving behind the shadows of tribalism and favoritism.”

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