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Leke Abejide; Personification Of Giving


While trying to find true definition of philanthropy and giving, I realized that, the act of giving could only be celestially understood better. It’s a celestial gift, and to whom God gives that gift, is simply a child of God. Why?

Santa clara church in the united states, published an article trying to define giving biblically. They identified twelve nature of giving. Three of it are enough for this article.

1. They identified a willing Giver; like Abraham who gave his son willingly as a sacrifice ( Genesis 22:1-19)
2. David as a cerebral giver who refused to give that which will cost him nothing (2 Samuel:24:24)
3. Greatest of all Givers was God himself who gave his only begotten son for mankind (John 3:16-17).

That not alone, the Qur’an did said concerning giving, ” … Indeed, the men who practice charity and women who practice charity and (they who) who have loaned Allah a goodly loan- it will be multiplied for them, and they will have a noble reward.” (Surah Al-Hadid (57:18)

You can’t be a Giver without a divine Grace attached to such act. It’s a gift that only those who have it practices.

Jamsetji Tata tops the list of all Givers as a philanthropist with a lifetime donations valued at around 102billion dollars(Wikipedia). He is the father of all philanthropist and even years after his death, people still reap the benefits of his magnanimity.

ELDER LEKE ABEJIDE, though, a politician, is gradually keying himself into that category. Take a visit to his native Alu/ Igbagun community, what you’ll see there will awe your mental illusion. Hardly is there any family he hadn’t touched by providing jobs and empowerment for, and gradually it’s spreading to Yagba federal constituency communities.

Elder LEKE, had built a reputation for himself as an exclusive giver who crosses the boundaries of humanity to put smile on people’s faces.

His Political engagement only succeeded in echoing out that celestially giving gift as a dividends of democracy.

Philanthropy is defined as “love for mankind”. Elder LEKE ABEJIDE couldn’t have been defined less.

Within the past seven years, billions of naira had escaped from his vault into numerous pockets of individuals who sort his help and as a palliatives of various forms.

When in December 2023, people didn’t hear from him, they speculated. A rowdy member of the house of representatives came out with a boggy claim of how president Tinubu gave them money for palliatives. Some of us who knows ELDER LEKE knew ELDER LEKE ABEJIDE is much more than that perceptive speculations. We told people who listened to us as his foot soldiers that ELDER LEKE ABEJIDE don’t need presidential prompting to help or feed his people. He had been doing that for ages. Rather, whatever is giving to him will carry additions from him before he gives it out to his people.

That was exactly what happened on Tuesday 3rd of April, 2024 when tones of Rice and Beans were shared out to thousand of his people who converged at Alu , his country home.

As expected and foreseen, he added other benefits that are mind boggling.

He shared out, together with the so-called palliatives, Cars, Bikes, Keke Napep, Generators, Grinding machines, Saloon Driers, water pumping machines for irrigation, mechanic tool box and cash to numerous other person’s.

The whole exercise are nothing, but a precursor to the greatest of them all, which he said is coming up soon.

ELDER LEKE ABEJIDE has established himself as the personification in the act of giving. He has done so much to win the act of God.

No wonder, kogi state government stole into his cubicle to pry into his Grace with God. They placed him on the political laboratory and concluded that, to beat him in his game, play his game. They therefore stole his concept of WAEC fees, sharing of clothing and foods to widows and the vulnerable. It worked for them. However, a man enjoying God’s Grace should never be toyed with. ELDER LEKE ABEJIDE is enjoying a superficial Grace of the act of giving hence, it will take a very long time to dymistify him.

He remains a divine personification in giving as it was with the aforementioned Great Givers before him.

This rare understanding. will manifest with time


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