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Home » Emmanuel Ayo Esq Expresses Gratitude for Kogi COET Relocation to Mopa

Emmanuel Ayo Esq Expresses Gratitude for Kogi COET Relocation to Mopa

Barr. Emmanuel Ayo, a stalwart within the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Mopamuro Local Government Area (LGA), has expressed gratitude to the Kogi State Government for the strategic relocation of the Kogi State College of Education (Technical) to Mopa.

According to him, “the relocation of the educational institution to Mopa in Mopamuro LGA is a significant development, bringing with it a host of opportunities and benefits for the local community,” he stated.

Barr. Emmanuel Ayo further lauded the state government’s decision, recognizing the positive impact it would have on the educational landscape of the region.

“The relocation of the College of Education (Technical) to Mopa will enhance accessibility to quality education for the residents of Mopamuro and neighboring areas,” he said.

Barr Emmanuel Ayo highlighted the importance of such educational initiatives in empowering the youth and fostering intellectual growth within the community.

The APC stalwart emphasized that the move aligns with the party’s commitment to education as a catalyst for development. “By bringing the College of Education (Technical) to Mopa, the Kogi State Government aims to decentralize educational resources, ensuring that various districts within the state have equitable access to quality educational facilities.”

Barr. Emmanuel Ayo further praised the government’s foresight in recognizing Mopa as an ideal location for the College of Education (Technical), stating that it would not only benefit the local population but also contribute to the overall advancement of education in Kogi State.

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