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“Ejini Should Be Expelled!” – PDP Elders

The PDP Elders Forum has expressed support for the decision to remove Alhaji Husseini Ibrahim Ejini, the former Divisional Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party in Dekina chapter, from the party.

Recall the publication by Kogi Online with documents signed by other executives of the party to suspend Ejini.

The forum believes that Ejini should be expelled from the party rather than being suspended. They accuse Ejini of engaging in massive corruption, betraying the party, and sabotaging its efforts.

According to the statement signed by Alhaji Ibrahim Dansofo, the PDP Dekina under Ejini’s leadership refused to provide witnesses in the Tribunal in Lokoja to testify against fraud and election malpractice in favor of the party’s candidate, Dr Victor Adoji. They claimed that Ejini sold the party’s rights to the opposition.

“Ejini denied PDP agents their tags during the February general election, and PDP agents were chased away from polling units in Dekina,” the elders alleged.

The forum accused Ejini of working for the All Progressives Congress while remaining in the PDP. They claimed that his political history is marked by fraud and serial betrayal, and that he was imposed on the party against the will of his people by Usman Okai Austin and other leaders.

They argued that someone who has destroyed the party and runs its affairs like a one-man business deserves outright expulsion rather than suspension.

The elders also alleged that “Ejini led some PDP Chairmen to a secret meeting where they collected money from politicians of other parties, such as Hon. Leke Abejide of ADC, Usman Jibrin of the Accord party, and Muritala Ajaka of the SDP”.

They called on security agents, including the police, vigilante groups, and the Department of State Security, to watch out for Ejini, as “he is allegedly threatening to kill those who signed his suspension and expose his corrupt dealings within the party.”

The elders urged the leadership of the party across nine local government areas to rid itself of betrayal and prepare for strong opposition, as the party’s immediate candidate did not go to the Tribunal.

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