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Home » Caretaker: Kabba/Bunu Chair Explores Out-of-Court Settlement Between Ahara and Iluke-Bunu Community

Caretaker: Kabba/Bunu Chair Explores Out-of-Court Settlement Between Ahara and Iluke-Bunu Community

Strong indications have emerged that an amicable resolution of the ongoing crisis rocking the two (2) communities in the local government area is now in sight as Caretaker Chairman, Kabba/Bunu LGA, Hon (Barr.) Zacchaeus Dare Michael has opted for an out-of-court settlement.

The Chairman had instituted a reboust and purposeful peace and conflict resolution model that will engender stability, unity and progress for both communities.

Hon (Barr.) Zacchaeus Dare Michael thanked the two communities for maintaining peace and order despite in crisis. He advised the delegations from both parties to withdraw all court litigations against themselves and be ready to live as one indivisible family.

At the peace meeting, today, Hon (Barr.) Zacchaeus Dare Michael informed the sitting that his administration has decided to adopt out-of-court settlement for the sake of peace.

“The security and welfare of the people is the primary responsibility of the government, as enshrined in section 14(2)(b) of Nigeria’s Constitution 1999 (as amended). This, however, does not suggest that when the government fails in this regard, the citizens should be helpless. When a government fails to secure the citizens, the tendency is for them to resort to self-help, therefore, the government must do everything possible not to fail, to avoid the animal kingdom situation which the self-help could cause.

In separate remarks, HRH. Oba Funsho Ayinmiro, the Olu of Iluke Bunu commend the caretaker chairman for this peaceful meeting and he assured the sitting of his readiness to make peace with all parties.

Hon Kayode Alhassan, a prominent community builder emphasize on the need to embrace peace in our community. He urge the two communities to do everything possible within there reach in ensuring we have a lasting peace.

“Developments is so far from a divided community. Therefore, let ensure that unity is restored”, he said.


Comrade Omofa John, SA on New Media To The Caretaker Chairman, Kabba/Bunu LGA.

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