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Birthday: Celebrating An Exemplary Uprightness

Every 11th of May is a special day around the world to mark the birth celebration of Mr. Nathaniel Ogunleye.

A man who represents virtue of golden characters. He is an impeccable personality and epitome of near-perfection. Disciplined to the core, mixed with being a jolly good fellow.

His heart of gold is second to none as he is known for generosity and philantropism, ensuring life is good for everyone around him.

Mr. Ogunleye sir, your birth transcends who you are, but also what you stand for.

Your supportive roles, as silent as they are, are also loud enough to speak for itself.

I join host of your friends and family to celebrate you on your sprcial day, also for your magnanimity always sir.

As you celebrate your day, I pray for God’s continous protection over you and your family, growth in all ramifications. Amen.

Happy Birthday Sir.

Thanks for being down to heart and your humility sir.

By J.O. Abel-Ontop

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