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X-raying Hon. (Barr.) Cosmas Ilemona Atabor 100 Days In Office

The 100 days of Hon. (Barr.) Cosmas Atabor a seasoned Lawyer by profession and a passionate politician with consummate experience have become epochal in the political annals of Igala Mela Odolu Local Government of Kogi State as it is within this period that the transition committee chairman earned the moniker: ‘Action transition committee chairman.’

Since assumption of office, the transition committee chairman has ensured that work on various projects inherited from the previous administration continue without hitches, tackling insecurity, restructuring and digitizing the Internal Revenue Service and ensuring that the welfare of its workers are prioritized

As promised, the transition committee chairman hit the ground running from the first minute after swearing-in; working everyday. To be sure, the last 100 days have been bumpy and challenging as expected even though 100 days should not be the ideal yardstick to establish the success or otherwise of a leader or government, but can still be regarded as a functional device for measuring effectiveness and responsiveness.

Hon. (Barr.) Cosmas 100 hundred days was geared at addressing some key foundational issues by organizing a retreat for a new cabinet; launched the campaign to mobilize the people of Igala Mela to take back the Local Government from criminals and head-on systematic and comprehensive attack on insecurity to restore law and order.

Notwithstanding, His visible impact is evident through the disappearance of kidnappers and notorious criminals off the local government. The transition committee chairman has proved worth in his 100days in office, more than 12 Kidnap kingpin has been captured, the result which has made other criminals in the area take flight off the Local Government.

Convincinly, Hon. (Barr.) Cosmas, remain focused on implementing plausible Solution with its driving pillars: Security, Law and Order; Economic Transformation Agenda; Social Agenda; Governance, Rule of Law and Value System; and Environment—towards a clean, green and planned sustainable communities and markets

Meeting with district chiefs also signalled the emergency and utmost priority on homeland security by embarking on massive consultation, mobilization and sensitization of the citizens and critical stakeholders— including security agencies, the clergy, traditional rulers, town unions, youths, civil society organizations, businessmen and women, agitation groups; cohesive operational team with the Local Security operatives to enhanced operational capabilities.

The transition committee chairman has superbly managed the local Government administration without rifts and rancour and the new administration is geared toward moving the Local Government to its destined heights with the unending support and encouragement from His Excellency Alhaji Ododo Ahmed Usman, a deserving leader working towards placing Kogi State on a positive global map of human and material productivity.

Other areas of its administration success is the distribution 1,200 bags of 50kg rice across the 10 wards and all the polling units in Igalamela Odolu Local Government to cushion the effect of the current hardship as directed by the state government.

Ultimately, Hon. (Barr.) Cosmas
rice palliative distribution was effectively, efficiently and transparently implemented.


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