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Home ยป “Why We Resolved To Support The Ododo Led Government In Kogi State” – Like Minds Alliance Pressure Group

“Why We Resolved To Support The Ododo Led Government In Kogi State” – Like Minds Alliance Pressure Group

Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo

In response to the various questions coming from different quarters asking why the Like Minds Alliance Pressure Group is supporting the Ahmed Usman Ododo led government of the State, the National Coordinator/Convener, Chief Richard Asaje, has revealed why the group made up it’s mind to give massive support to the present government in the State.

The Bobagunwa of Igbaruku kingdom in his usual style of not mincing words, pointed out that though he is presently a chieftain of the ADC in the State – the party on whose platform Hon. Leke Abejide contested for Governor in the last election, they still have no better option than throwing their weight behind the Ododo led government.

Among the reasons given by Chief Asaje is the political arrogance of the Igala apologist’s who see the Governorship seat as their birthright.

Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo
Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo

He went further to mention that most Igala people believe erroneously that they don’t need the support of the other Senatorial District’s to keep emerging Governor each time election comes, noting that they are living with the illusion that they posses the numerical voting strength.

“This is a display of arrogance and insatiable political lust for power as if they forgot something behind in Lugard House having spent 19 uninterrupted years there is a question that is begging for answers

“Most Igala’s have failed to realise that the Confluence State is built on a political tripod made of three senatorial district’s namely Central, Eastern and Western senatorial districts and no single senatorial or Ethnic group has the monopoly to bully any other senatorial district or Ethnic group politically or otherwise”, he stressed.

The National Coordinator/Convener of the Pressure Group claimed that the illogical legal battle being embarked upon by the Igala apologist’s to claim a mandate that is gone on a lengthy political sabbatical is already Dead on arrival and a collosal waste of precious time and resources.

“On a final note, the Nollywood type of POLITICAL film the Igala apologist’s are treating us to in the ongoing GYB saga is funny and shows how far arrogance and insatiable lust for political power can turn someone to a shallow minded person

“Simply because GYB is the God sent Moses who delivered the Central and Western senatorial district’s people from the political apartheid of the Igala apologist’s, so he must just go to jail even without trial

“When they went viral with all sorts of razzmatazz, as if the arrest, trial and conviction of GYB will make their flag bearer emerge automatic Governor. One begins to wonder if these people (Igala apologist’s) know that there is a huge 7up difference in the case of GYB and the ongoing legal tussle of the gubernatorial election going on “they are poles apart”

“It amuses one when you see the social media war unleashed on GYB simply because he demystified the Igala nation politically

“It is a case of saying because one’s Dad stole fowl and you are studying Medicine in the University you will not graduate ๐Ÿ˜„

“The only offence GYB committed and which makes his alleged saga attract global attention is that he demystified the hallucinating Igala political beliefs that Kogi State is their fiefdom

“GYB for all the crimes he has committed against both the masses, electorate and Public servant’s sure deserves a place in history for cleansing the mess of the infested augean stable of the Igala apologist’s in the civil service and POLITICAL space of the State”

The Convener of the Like Mind’s Alliance Pressure Group promises to reel out more reasons why the people should not gloat over the ongoing GYB/EFCC saga in the days ahead.

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