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Home » “Today is Literally the End of an Era Where Many of Your Good or Bad Deeds will be Remembered by Kogites” Omosona T. Olakunle Say’s As Yahaya Bello Bid Farewell to Lugard House

“Today is Literally the End of an Era Where Many of Your Good or Bad Deeds will be Remembered by Kogites” Omosona T. Olakunle Say’s As Yahaya Bello Bid Farewell to Lugard House

A political analyst and a critical Kogi youth, Ambassador Omosona T. Olakunle has commended the outgoing Kogi State governor, His Excellency Gov. Yahaya Adoza Bello, for his good and bad deeds as he bid farewell to the Lugard House.

In his statement, Omosona appreciates the Honourable Commissioner for Education Hon. Wemi Jones for his outstanding performances and as well advised the incoming governor in person of Alhaji Usman Ododo to be watchful of those he will appoint as aide’s.

The statement reads;

“12pm today Yahaya Adoza Bello will seized to be come the governor of Kogi State he will now be addressed as former governor of the state but his did either good or bad will be remembered.

“You can imagine that eight years journey that seems not to have an end is coming to an end in few hours from now, this is to tell you that “there is a time for departure even when there’s no certain place to go”.

Today is literally the end of an era where many of his good or bad deeds will be remember for, even the conduct of those who served in his government will be reviewed, which is very certain that many of them will not be joyfully welcomed in their respective communities, infact some may not even returns back to their villages due to their act while in office (That is a wasted tenure without attracting any development to their respective communities while in office).

Now that the basic illusion of Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello eight years in office will officially exhausted today by 12pm, the big questions is that, “has he been able to deliver 50% of the mandate giving to him by the good people of Kogi State? What tangible development can the appointees that served under the new direction government point out to in their various communities? What indelible mark is His Excellency Gov. Yahaya Bello is leaving behind?

Many of his appointees has never been in anyway a good ambassadors of their LGA and the state at large, many of them turned themselves to demi god using their offices to intimidate the poor masses, lying against each other in order to gain favour from their master (Yahaya Bello) instead of them channelling their efforts to the development of their senatorial district, this act is particularly a big challenge to the Okun appointees, they never believe that this day will surely come.

However, I will like to commend a man who has standtall among them all, a man I dope my cap for, a man who believes in working so hard for the betterment of the state, no other person than Hon. Wemi Jones the Honourable Commissioner for Education, even if I am not closed to him but his remarkable achievements has convinced me that he is worthy of greater positions, indeed he is an achiever, you deserved thousands gbosa’s, may God continue to place you higher sir.

To those who has wasted their years in office in doing nothing may you all learn from your past mistakes and have change of minds towards humanity.

Now it is time for Gov. Yahaya Bello to say goodbye as the governor of the good people of Kogi State which your act in office will definitely be reviewed by Kogites and even you yourself, I must say you did well in some area’s while you performed poorly in so many area’s, I know the truth is bitter but I will tell you, Your Excellency Sir, permit me to say that you have done your best but your best wasn’t enough Sir. But I wish you good luck in your future endeavors.

And to the incoming administration of His Excellency Alhaji Usman Ododo carefully watch out for those you will appoint into your administration because the people you appoint are your manager’s in their respective area of assignments, don’t listen to lies and propaganda’s, many will come to you to spoil others in order to gain favour from you, becareful of what you will conceived from them, they are evil agents sir.

Finally, I pray that God Almighty will give you the wisdom to pilot the affair’s of the state to an enviable heights Sir.

God bless Kogi State!

God bless Nigeria!!!

I am Comr. Omosona T. Olakunle (Hon. Justice TYDot)

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