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Thugs Attacked Echocho In Govt. House

In a shocking turn of events, Senator Isah Jibrin Echocho narrowly escaped a vicious attack today, allegedly orchestrated by political thugs.

The incident occurred within the confines of the Government House, where Senator Echocho, along with Senator Sunday Karimi and other Federal House of Representatives members, had gone to pay homage to the Governor.

The attackers singled out Echocho, subjecting him to physical assault and verbal abuse, accusing him of betrayal and ingratitude.

Witnesses reported the assailants berating the Senator for not adhering to Governor Bello’s directives during the recent Kogi State gubernatorial elections.

Security personnel present at the scene reportedly stood idly by, with some even purportedly finding amusement in the humiliation of the senator.

Echocho’s troubles reportedly escalated due to the poor performance of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the just concluded in Kogi State gubernatorial elections, particularly in the Kogi East area.

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