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The story is told of a servant who squandered his master’s wealth as a manager. This bad conduct was reported to his master who summoned him , and told him to render his account.

The servant summoned all his master’s debtors and entered into a bargain with them, and slashed all their debts into half so that they could pay back with ease.

He said to himself, ” I have to do that, so that when am removed from management, people may receive me into their house. He said, since he could no longer dig for labor, and he was ashamed to beg, he has to make friends for himself by means of unrighteous wealth, and when it fails, they may receive him into their eternal dwelling”! (Luke 16vs 1-10)

I also remembered the tacit manner General Ibrahim Babangida held Nigeria spellbound for 9years with his fantastical intelligence. This administrative tantrums earned him the famous nickname; MARADONA!

You are either for him or you are rubbished. Tai Solarin was one of his avowed critic. General Ibrahim Babangida set trap for him by creating a micro bank for him to manage at his own term and conditions; PEOPLE’S BANK.

Tai Solarin fell for it, and at the end, Late Solarin failed woefully via the corrupt Nigeria factor. He, Tai Solarin never recovered from the resultant shame of being a failure till he died .

Next in line was Prof. Wole soyinka, another renown critic of the junta. His case was however different to that of Solarin, He hated military rules with passion and nobody believed he could work under one. However, IBB won him over with his charm, and Prof. Soyinka dropped his guard and accepted to help establish FEDERAL ROAD SAFETY CORP! The issue inherent in his action was his accepting to work under a military rule!

Recently, IBB confessed to not being able to win over Late Gani Fawehinmi with his charm.

IBB ruled as a student of Machiavelli. Machiavelli, in his book, DE PRINCE, he argued that a ruler, in order to rule effectively, should have a trait of a fox and a lion. Lion is very bold and aggressive, the fox on it’s own is crafty.

Governor Yahaya Bello, recently announced those to be given State award, General Ibrahim Babangida was number one on the list. Does it tell you anything?

Obviously, Yahaya Bello is a student of General Ibrahim Babangida system of governance.

He, Yahaya Bello is a Machiavellian.

He is brilliantly brilliant.

He is craftily crafty.

He is intelligently intelligent.

General Ibrahim Babangida remains till date my favorite Head of state/ president. He made so many millionaires within the military and civil forces. Are you thus surprised Yahaya Bello made so many personalities to become stinkingly rich in his 8years of governance. The not too good street hustlers are now political leaders, thanks to GYB.

Remember, IBB is gap toothed , GYB is gap toothed! All with “macabric” laughter! An identity reserved for the Machiavellian.

YAHAYA BELLO, you won my heart! How he was able to win all his perceived critic to his side before leaving office is a textbook research topic which I have decided to adopt for my PhD when am set!

He started badly in 2015, and is ending excellently.

He saved the best for the last!

Why for goodness safe does he have to wait till the end to create Kogi State University in Kabba?

Why does he have to wait till the end to gift Mopa, a College of Education?

Why does he have to wait till the end to start paying WAEC FEE, JAMB FEE and so on. Perhaps you will get the answer in my PhD thesis when am set.

Just like the precursor to this article above, that is, the story of the servant and the master, GYB have a friend in the okuns for his last minute face saving policies!

Like it or leave it, he turned around the captivity of the state and did well, ‘cept for the local government staff salary he never found an antidote for.



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