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Response To Misleading Critique of Senator Monday Okpebholo’s Engagement with Edo People in United States

We wish to address the recent mischaracterizations of the APC gubernatorial candidate, Senator Monday Okpebholo, during his recent town hall meeting with Edo people in the United States.


Contrary to the claims made by Mr. Pharez Okpere, the event was a constructive engagement that provided a platform for meaningful dialogue and an exchange of ideas on the future of Edo State.


Senator Monday Okpebholo demonstrated a strong grasp of the issues facing our state and presented a clear and strategic vision for its development. His responses to questions on infrastructure and other critical areas were detailed and aligned with his commitment to transparency and accountability. Any suggestions of him being “fidgety” or unprepared are baseless and do not reflect the feedback from many attendees who appreciated his candor and forward-thinking approach.


It is important to note that the complexities of governance require not just intellectual capacity but also a deep understanding of the needs of the people.


Senator Okpebholo’s track record in the Senate showcases his dedication and effectiveness, contrary to the unfounded claim that he has been a “bench warmer.” His legislative contributions and advocacy efforts have brought significant benefits to his constituents and beyond.


In contrast, the critique presented by Mr. Okpere fails to address the substantive issues at hand and instead resorts to personal attacks and unsubstantiated allegations. Edo people deserve a campaign grounded in facts and constructive policy debates, not one mired in negativity and baseless accusations.


We trust that the people of Edo, both at home and abroad, can see through these attempts to undermine a candidate who is genuinely committed to the progress and prosperity of our state. We remain confident in Senator Okpebholo’s ability to lead Edo State with integrity, innovation, and a profound sense of responsibility.



Comr. Ikhuenbor Felix Igbinevbo, aka Mr. Figo 

Coordinator General, Obidient Movement For Akpakomiza 


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