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ADC Chieftain, Chief Richard Asaje, Speaks about Ododo VS Ajaka, FGYB Vs EFCC

Chief Richard Asaje

A Chieftain of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) in Kogi State, Chief Richard Asaje (Baba Asaje), who is the Bobagunwa of Igbaruku Kingdom in Yagba Local Government Area of the State, has again lend his voice to the ongoing Political legal tussle between Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo of the All Progressives APC and Muri Ajaka, Governorship Candidate of the Social Democratic Party SDP in the last Governorship election in the Confluence State.


He also aired his view about the Former Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello and the Economic and Financial Crime Commission EFCC saga.


During an Interview conducted with BABA ASAJE by Confluence Trumpet “CT” Magazine, the Elder statesman has the following to say…


CT: Chief, Kogi State has been in the news in recent times for two main reasons.

One is the GYB VS EFCC saga and the Muri Ajaka and Usman Ododo ongoing election petition tribunal case. What are your views on this two lingering issues?

ASAJE: Thank you.

I will address the GYB, EFCC saga first, and I will say it is a matter that will take it’s normal cause as we are not new to such cases. I only laugh when people are creating a mountain out of a mole Hill on the matter. The Kogi issue that really amuses me is the unholy and unethical manner, coupled with the underlying motive of the Ajaka and Ododo tribunal case.


CT: Why do you call the case an unholy and unethical and what gives you the impression that it has an underlying motive?

ASAJE: I called it an unholy and unethical case with underlying motive because we have witnessed in the past (good sixteen years) when Igala sons contested and won elections in the same manner, if not worst manners, and nobody gave them the type of hot pursuit Ajaka is giving Ododo, as if he has committed sacrilege.

The way and manner with which he is pursuing the case proves to the other ethnic groups in the State that Igala apologists see power in the State as their heritage and no other ethnic group has right to occupy Lugard House.


CT: Are you saying the Ajaka tribunal case is an attempt by the Igala nation to get back to power haven spent 16 uninterrupted years in Lugard House?

ASAJE: You have just spoken my mind. We are all living witnesses to how former Governor Ibrahim Idris imported thugs, armed to the teeth during his re-election time and the violence that followed. When he was declared winner, nobody among the other contestants challenged the outcome of the election.

The zeal with which Ajaka and his co-travellers are pursuing this case shows they believe that Lugard House is their family House.


CT: Having taken this position, what do you think will be the outcome of the case?

ASAJE: (…laughs) As far as am concerned, it is a dead on arrival case. Rather, let me put it the other way around “it is like the case of crying when the head is already off”, as the petition of Ajaka in all ramifications lacks merit.


CT: What is your word of advice for Ajaka?

ASAJE:I will advice him to sheath his legal sword in the interest of Unity, Peace, Love, socioeconomic and sociopolitical development of the State, as other ethnic groups are beginning to read meanings into the Igala apologists agenda.

Interestingly, Usman Ododo has been performing creditably well since assumption of Office, which has been earning him the confidence of the Masses. Ajaka should swallow his ego by supporting the Kogi West agitation for power shift in future elections, as by doing so he would succeed in placing his name on the map of POLITICAL history in Kogi State and beyond. The Igala apologists should know that other ethnic groups are not second class citizens.


CT: Finally, how will you rate the performance of the Ododo led government so far?

ASAJE: Ooh , the boy is performing beyond my wildest imagination positively, and on this note I say he should be given the maximum support needed to deliver the dividends of democracy and reposition our State for greater heights.

CT: Thank you Chief.

ASAJE: You are welcome.

Chief Richard Asaje
Chief Richard Asaje

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