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Leke IBN Abejide; Staunch And Solid

By Jesse Abayomi Oloke.

An Igbo adage says; “No matter how hard it rains, it can never wash the black spots on the leopard”.

No, the failure in the bid to register Okun name on the wall of Lugard House in the just concluded 2023 Guber Elections will never stop Elder Leke from being the son of Abejide.

The Bible and the Quran respect the place of genealogy in child upbringing, thus, if you fail in character, you are still the son of whom you are, if you excel, you remain the son of whom you are.

Abdullahi Ibn Fodio has remain the son of Dan Fodio. In Arab world, your name is not pronounced without “adding” the “son” of whose father you are. Likewise, among the Jews, the trajectory of genealogy is sacrosanct, hence, David being the son of Jesse (David Ibn Jesse in Arabic).

LEKE IBN ABEJIDE, has a history, he has a systemic circuit established in his genealogy within okun nation that has stood him up in history.

Some said, he shouldn’t have thrown his cap into the ring of Governorship, but who should, if I may ask?

Is it the cowards that have the resources but scared to attempt it?

Is it the nonstarter that are easily cowed with fear of failures in Okun Land?

Is it, the traitors that believes in living in other people’s dreams?

LEKE is the son of his father, an Okun warrior, an Okun fighter, the David’s, the Jeptha’s , the Commander of the Lord’s army in Okun Land.

He has the money, he was not looking for more.

He has fame, he was not looking for more.

He has the clout, he was not looking for more.

He has the power, he was not powerless.

All he desire was an IBN Okun occupying Lugard House for history, as it has become a winners take it home (ethnic group) venture.

Every Okun man that had stucked their chest out and on behalf of Okun had contested for Governorship of Kogi State state are heroes!

We have, the Late Chief Daniyan, the late Chief Olorunfemi (Steve Ben), the vivacious and never say die Chief Clarence Olafemi, of course, the clownish but brave Dino Melaye, and Elder Leke IBN Abejide.

They are all Okun warriors and heroes, whose father are either seated in heaven or perhaps still alive and are very proud of them.

Alas, are you the son (IBN) of your father? Or just an “Omo Dumesi”?

Never you say again, that Elder Leke Ibn Abejide got it wrong. He won, indeed he won, and walahi, he won.

If you disagree, throw your cap into the councillorship contest of your ward, perhaps you will understand. Spend your money, spend your time, spend your life and see what it means to fight a political battle.

IBN Abejide has written brilliantly his name in the books of heroes.

“He no gree at all” to palpitation. Today he remains my hero, your hero, and our hero. The future is waiting for LEKE IBN ABEJIDE.

Remember, he remains a star at the House of Representatives where he is doing well and in a very short while, his constituency will feel him as usual.



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