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KogiCARES: Woman Put To Bed As Orientation Exptends To Dekina, Idah, Ibaji, etc …

As Kogi State Government via the Ministry of Youth Development and Sport continues the Kogi COVID-19 Action Recovery And Economic Stimulus (KogiCARES) to other Local Government Areas (LGAs) in the eastern part, a woman, Mrs. Shaidu Anave fell into labour and was quickly rushed to the nearby health centre in the LGA headquarters during the orientation program in Dekina LGA.

The KogiCARES Project Coordinator, Elder Oladipo Elkanah promised that the project will take the welfare of the mother and child as priority.

Mrs. Sheidu Avabee, the projects Environmental and Safeguard Officer, addressing the beneficiaries in Igalamela/Odolu LGA, she encouraged them to take their work seriously, especially on community works that has to do with environmental safety for the entire community.

She also sensitized them on how to control climate change, emphasizing on how to respect and protect green spaces even in cause of their community work.

Speaking in Idah LGA, the Head, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), Mr. Oloruntoba Samson speaking of the benefits during the orientation program said, the beneficiaries will benefit from the stipends, to the experiences they will gather and working relationship they will create with other members of their respective communities.

He advised them to use their stipends wisely, especially as a support to their petty trading, farming, and other business activities.

He also added the community will feel the physical and economic inpact of the project. He emphasized that if they delvier their work properly, Government will be interested to do more for the communities.

Mr. Samson also harped on the importance of using their work equipments, flash vest and safety kits during their assignment.

The Poject Coordinator, Elder Elkanah appreciates the beneficiaries for thier good conduct during the training, urges them to out in more seriousness during their assignment.

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