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Kogi Govt. Launches Public Workfare Social Intervention Fund

Kogi State Government via the Ministry of Youth Development and Sport has launched the Public Workfare Social Intervention Fund.

The program was launched simultaneously in 3 Local Governments; Lokoja, Kogi and Aajaokuta on Friday with registration and data capturing of the beneficiaries.

Data Capturing of Beneficiaries
Data Capturing of Beneficiaries

Addressing the beneficiaries in Lokoja, the Head, Public Workfare Social Intervention Fund, Elder Oladipo Elkanah said the program is in collaboration with the World Bank and it will go round the State.

He added that the program is part of the multisectoral approach to further tackle the effect of post Covid-19.

He noted the program requires the beneficiaries to be useful and productive to their respective communities by offering 3 hours daily for 18 days in a month for public/social works.

Beneficiaries Registering
Beneficiaries Registering

Speaking to journalist, Elkanah said the beneficiaries were carefully taken from the State’s Social Register within the age of 18 and 45, because of the social/community/public work obligation expected of them.

He also noted that the program targets the poor and vulnerable, with women to be at least 60% of the beneficiaries.

He also added there are other beneficiaries who are Focal Persons of the program who will serve as community supervisor that will ensure the public workfare is being delivered.

He said that participants have their own personal business/job engagements like farmers, fishermen, petty traders, etc; that they are expected to support their means of livelihood with the stipends that will be paid to them.

He said the stipends is still pegged at N10,000 monthly, but the Ministry is still in talk with other components of the government to make us N15,000 due to the ongoing inflation. The program will run for not less than a year.

He said there will monthly monitoring, life skill training, and this is also not a table payment program, it is a funds transfer program and bank accounts will be seamlessly opened for the beneficiaries at no cost, he added that this will offer rural dwellers and poor people the opportunity to own a bank account.

He said the life skill training and mentorship will teach the beneficiaries the importance of saving and how to use the kit and tools that will be provided for them for social works.

A beneficiary, Mr. Ali Abdul a motorcyclist (okada rider), when interviewed, said it is a welcomed development, that whatever amount the stipend is, it as addition to support their livelihood.

Ms. Esther Komolafe said she is happy because very soon she would have saved up enough money to expand her petty trading.

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