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Kogi Deputy Speaker Resigns Over Hailing Health

The Deputy Speaker of Kogi State House of Assembly, Enema Paul has resigned due to his failing health.

Enema Paul who tendered his resignation letter on the floor of the House during plenary sitting, praised Gov. Yahaya Bello in glowing language for the love he has for him.

He thanked Gov. Bello, the 7th Kogi State House of Assembly for their love and prayers for him.

He disclosed that the sickness started in 2011 and he had through the permission and assistance of Gov Bello had travelled abroad to seek healing and surger abroad but the illness was still on.

He added that now he felt weaker daily and concluded that he should go look for healing even as the hospital in abroad was daily requesting him to return for treatment.

Against the above background, Paul sought for permission to travel abroad for a year and tendered his resignation letter which was accepted.

Thereafter the Clerk of the House, Chogudo Sule Ahmed sought for nominations of another Deputy Speaker.

Thereafter the representative of Ajaokuta State Constituency, Abu Jibrin nominated the representative of Ibaji state constituency, Ojoma Comfort Nwuchiola as Deputy while the representative of Kabba/Bunu State constituency, Seyi Bello seconded the nomination.

The Clerk of the House, Chogudo, thereafter administered the oath of office on her.

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