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Igalamela/Odolu CTC Visits Local Government Primary School, Assesses Infrastructure

The Caretaker Transitional Chairman, Igalamela/Odolu Local Government Area, Hon. Cosmas Ilemona on Thursday visited the staff Nursery and Primary school in Ajaka for a spot check and assessment of the school’s infrastructure.

During the visit, Hon. Cosmas inspected the condition of the school buildings, classrooms, and other facilities to ensure they meet the necessary standards for providing a conducive learning environment for the students.

He noted that he was obliged by responsibility to ensure that the local government schools are equipped with the appropriate infrastructure to support the education and development of the school children.

He added that his visit allowed him to personally assess the current state of the school in Ajaka and identify areas that may require further attention and improvement.

The chairman’s said his assessment took into account factors including the structural integrity of the buildings, the availability of necessary amenities like clean water and sanitation, and the overall safety and accessibility of the school premises.

Following the visit, Hon. Cosmas emphasized the local government’s commitment to investing in the education sector and enhancing the learning experience for students across Igalamela/Odolu. He stated that the findings from this assessment will be used to develop targeted interventions and allocate resources to address any identified gaps or challenges.

According to him “Education is a key priority for our administration, and we are dedicated to providing our children with the best possible learning environment. This visit is just the first step in our ongoing efforts to improve the infrastructure and overall quality of education in our local government area.”



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