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Home » Elulu: Students Union Stakeholder Congratulates Oba Ibeun

Elulu: Students Union Stakeholder Congratulates Oba Ibeun

Former Mopamuro Students Union President; also, a National Stakeholder of the Union; Ogbeni Adeola Micheal congratulates the newly coronated King, His Royal Majesty, King Muyiwa Ibeun as the ELULU OF MOPA KINGDOM.

Ogbeni Adeola, describe the king as a worthy mentor and a role model whose wealth of knowledge, experience and exposure will bring growth and development to Mopa, Mopamuro and it’s environs.

HRM Oba Muyiwa Ibeun who has been a top player in the private sector, well traveled all over the country and across the globe, will no doubt deploy his expertise towards advancing Mopaland.

The emergence of king Muyiwa Ibeun as Elulu of Mopa is indeed a right decision towards a new era which will enhance both local and global development for Mopa land considering his wealth of experience.

Ogbeni Adeola Michael, further exact that the newly coronated king is a great philanthropist worthy of note, who has over time single handedly empowered the youth and contributed immensely towards human capital development.

Let me congratulate the good people of Mopa land and welcome them to a new dispensation of peace, growth and development. May the reign of King Muyiwa Ibeun favor all.

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