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All You Need to Know About Coalition for the Protection of Democracy (COPDEM)

The Coalition for the Protection of Democracy (COPDEM) consists of well meaning Nigerians.


The mission of COPDEM is to promote and protect the ideals of democracy in government policies and practices for good governance and dividends of Democracy for all.


The vision of COPDEM is to see a prosperous Nation in peace and unity. Free and fair elections are critical to the objectives of COPDEM as well as ensuring equal opportunities for all Nigerians from all backgrounds and in all aspects of national life.

The project of COPDEM is much bigger than the agitation for the judicious resolution of the 2023 elections petitions. It is about being the unbiased and nonpartisan promoters and protectors of Nigerian democracy.

Coalition for the Protection of Democracy (COPDEM)
Coalition for the Protection of Democracy (COPDEM)

Critical to the formation and concerns of COPDEM is the conduct of the 2023 general elections. There were glaring gross violations of the 2022 Electoral Act as well all sorts of malpractices perpetrated by parties, politicians and the electoral body – the Independent National Electoral Commission – INEC.

Patriotic Nigerians, civil societies and the international community have generally expressed their dissatisfaction with the manner and outcome of the whole process and the implications of these to the future of Nigeria as a Country. The revelations of the European Union’s Report on the conduct of the 2023 electoral cycle is a clear and unbiased testimony that our democracy is sick and in jeopardy.

We are committed to holding accountable those who perpetrate electoral fraud, violence, and other forms of electoral malpractice.



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