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Birthday: Abel-Ontop Extols Karimi, Charges Him On Delivery

Julius Abel-Ontop, a young elite and constituent of Kogi West Senatorial District from Mopamuro has extolled Member Representing Kogi West in the Senate, Senator Sunday Karimi on his 62nd birthday celebration.

Abel-Ontop said the marks of quality representation delivered by the Distinguished Senator when he represented Yagba Federal Constituency (YFC) in the House Of Representatives (HoR) for two consecutive tenures remain indelible.

“When Senator Karimi was graciously voted by Yagba people in 2011 and he represented them from 2011-2015, he earned his re-election in 2015-2019 simply because of his quality representation”.

“It is also a fact that Senator Karimi performed excellently in his 2nd tenure of 2015-2019 before he decided to run for Senate under the quest of Yagba for Senate in the 2019 electioneering”.

“DSSK as he is fondly called, as a man of honor, had the opportunity to run for 3rd term for HoR which he would possibly win, but he maintained the dignity Yagba people are known for, gave room for others and joined the quest of Yagba for Senate eventhough he was short changed by his then political party, People’s Democratic Party (PDP)”.

Abel-Ontop charges Senator Karimi to look back and remember how he became a Senator and not disappoint Kogi Westerners.

“The people of Kogi West cannot afford to be disappointed, I, on behalf of the people plead with Senator Karimi to do Yagba people proud by giving Kogi West Constituents the quality representation they deserve in the 10th National Assembly”.

“Distinguished Senator Karimi sir, remember how Yagba people stood by you under the quest of Yagba for Senate to vote for you. This made you automatically become the first Senator from Yagba since the creation of Kogi State in 1993 and the beginning of the 4th Republic since 1999”.

He also beseech the Senator to use his influence as a third termer and most experienced lawmaker from Kogi State in the National Assembly to lobby jobs for Kogi West youths.

“Sir, as a 3rd termer in the National Assembly, making you to be the most experienced and influencial National Assembly Member. Lots of Kogi West youth are graduates without gainful employment, we beseech you to take advantage of this to lobby jobs for your constituents”.

“As government is continuum, we also seize this opportunity to ask that you pursue the execution of the approval of Nigeria Law School, Kabba. A Bill sponsored by your immediate predecessor, Senator Smart Adeyemi, and also influence more federal presence to Kogi West, especially Okun Land and Yagba in particular”.

“We are aware of some of the achievements of some your colleagues in the Senate, who are junior ranking Senators to you, within Kogi State and without. These achievements of theirs is a challenge to you sir, we pray that you, as a matter of urgency, take up this challenge and surpass their achievements”.

“Information around is that with full implementation of the 2024 budget, Kogi West Constituents will have positive feelings of your representation, we appreciate you in advance for this. However, we expected that due to your antecedents as a quality representative, we should have started seeing evidently your performances even before full implementation of the 2024 budget”.

“I plead that you should be accommodating with my messages as I am optimistic you will take them in good faith. I and some other Constituents of yours are only out to ensure that you lead us successfully”.

Abel-Ontop prayed for the Senator thus;

“As you celebrate your birthday, be assured of my best regards, prayers and best wishes on behalf of Mopamuro youths and Kogi Westerners. We pray that Almighty God will grant you the strength and resources to deliver beyond the mandate on which you were elected. Amen”.

“I join other well wishers of yours to say Happy Birthday once again sir”.

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