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“We Have Raised $200,000,000 for Trump’s Presidential Campaign Within 3 Days” – Amb. Piegbe

The fourth coming United States Presidential Election is one of the hardest task that I have engaged myself into. To market a Presidential Candidate that the US government, under the administration of Joe Biden wants to by all means bring Donald Trump down.


But I am excited to announce this good news to ALL OUR BLACK AMERICAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS that our little joint efforts Campaigning aggressively online globally is paying off. We are over powering the US Democrats.


Within 3 days, we have raised Two Hundred Million US Dollars ($200,000,000.00) for the Donald Trump presidential campaign. The real verdict will be passed by the people on the 5th November 2024 during the US Presidential Election.


Our job is very simple! With your smart phones, Online Campaign Advocacy Globally.


We have our African Brothers and Sisters, We have our Nigerian Brothers and Sisters that are Black Americans With Voting Rights in the United States of America. They live in USA and has the capacity and capabilities to make a choice with their Voting Rights.


They are our relatives and friends. Our simple advocacy is to talk to them, appeal to them and encourage them to come out in mass to VOTE for His Excellency President Donald Trump in the fourth coming US Presidential Election in November 5th, 2024. Donald Trump is a Man with the the fear GOD Almighty and he is a Global Peace Negotiator.


Nigerians will suffer more, if the Russians Vs Ukraine War escalate into Third World War.


Sincerely Speaking, Africans and Nigerians will suffer more if the “Israel Vs Gaza War” and the new one, “Israel Vs Iran War” escalate into Third World War.


We are fully convinced that if Donald Trump is RE-ELECTED as the PRESIDENT of the United States of America in November 5th, 2024; as a Certified Global Peace Negotiator, most of the War, will come to an end, and it won’t escalate into Third World War.


Today US Dollars Exchange rates is high and every commodities in Nigeria is very expensive. This caused by three major factors, NOT APC Government of Nigeria:


1. Russia and Ukraine War, is number one cause of the expensive nature of the US Dollars Exchange rates and high cost of commodities in Nigeria and Africa, because a lot of goods and services are been trapped and can’t sail to Africa and Nigeria… Voting DONALD TRUMP as the Next US PRESIDENT, is the practical Solution to this problem facing everyone.


2. The “Israel Vs Gaza War” is the second problem Africa is facing and if it gets worse, belt up and get ready to face Farming, Hunger and Starvation. Voting DONALD TRUMP as the Next US PRESIDENT, is the practical Solution to stop the War.


3. The New War in Africa – “Israel Vs Iran War” the most deadly War, honestly a lot of World Powers, are also getting prepared for Third World War. They are already Testing their Ballistic Missiles. My brothers and Sisters, Voting DONALD TRUMP, as the next US PRESIDENT, is the practical Solution to offer to stop the War.


4. The hardship we are currently facing in Nigeria, is also caused first by the COVID-19 Pandemic that we are just recovering from in the whole World.


5. Climate change is another Key factor giving us silent harassment in the Whole World. As a GLOBAL AMBASSADOR, we must not take the issues of Climate change for granted. We must join hands to fight Natural Disasters.


Thank you and God bless you!


His Excellency, Ambassador Piegbe Emmanuel Uebari,

African Coordinator,

Donald Trump Presidency 2024: Campaign Solidarity and Advocacy Group

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