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Official: Kogi State University Kabba’s Programs And Tuition Fees

Kogi State University Kabba has officially approved the commencement of tuition fee payments for the upcoming academic session. The Bursar, in a memo addressed to all students, provided details on the payment process, including the designated school account and the respective fees for various programs.

Programs and Tuition Fees:

  1. Faculty of Arts & Humanities:
    – B.A. History and Diplomatic Studies: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – B.A. English Language and Literature: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – B.A. Film Production: N100,000.00 (Indigene) / N200,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – B.A. Linguistics: N100,000.00 (Indigene) / N200,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – B.Sc Accounting: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – B.Sc Economics: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – B.A. Music: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – B.A. Theatre Arts: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
  2. Faculty of Management, Administration, and Social Sciences:
    – B.Sc Business Administration: N100,000.00 (Indigene) / N200,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – BSC Finance: N100,000.00 (Indigene) / N200,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – B.Sc Political Science: N100,000.00 (Indigene) / N200,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – B.Sc Public Administration: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – B.Sc Geography: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – B.Sc Mass Communication: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
  3. Faculty of Science and Computing Studies:
    – B.Sc Biochemistry: N100,000.00 (Indigene) / N200,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – BSc Biotechnology: N100,000.00 (Indigene) / N200,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – BSC Chemistry / Industrial Chemistry: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – B.Sc Computer Science: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – BSC Cyber Security: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – B.Sc Geology: N100,000.00 (Indigene) / N200,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – B.Sc Microbiology: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – B.Sc Mathematics: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – B.Sc Statistics: N100,000.00 (Indigene) / N200,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
    – B.Sc Physics: N100,000.00 (Indigene) / N200,050.00 (Non-Indigene)

Payment Details:
– Indigene Students: Payments range from N80,000.00 to N100,000.00 depending on the program.
– Non-Indigene Students: Payments range from N180,050.00 to N200,050.00 depending on the program.

Account name ; Kogi State University Kabba School fees Account First Bank of Nigeria Plc Bank name ; Account Number ; 2043419304

Students are urged to promptly initiate their fee payments into the provided school account to ensure a smooth registration process for the upcoming academic session. This announcement serves as a crucial step in the university’s commitment to maintaining financial transparency and facilitating an efficient educational environment for its students.

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