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ODA: Elective National Congress To Hold, March 8

The annual national congress of Okun Development Association (ODA), a sociocultural group of Yoruba speaking people of Kogi state will hold between 8th to 9th of March 2024 at Egbe in Yagba West Local Government Area.

This was confirmed in a statement by Emmanuel Ojo Olorunfemi, the National Publicity Secretary I of ODA.

Olorunfemi explained that a new leadership for the association will emerge at the congress.

“For the purpose of the election, the ODA Electoral Committee has already been inaugurated and they are working tirelessly to ensure a transparent, free, fair, credible, and generally acceptable election.

“The Congress should provide us an opportunity, as the outgoing National Executive Council members, to give account of our stewardship over the past six years. We would highlight our modest achievements and present the opportunities we could not take advantage of because of some limitations. We would not want the incoming National Executive Council members to experience the same limitations. We therefore would expect participants at the congress to agree strategies to wipe off these limitations.

“The Congress would be preceded by the last National Executive Council meeting of the outgoing NEC a day before the congress.

“The President-General hopes to use the meeting to celebrate his colleagues for their support and contribution to our successes over the six years. We would review our work together as a team and recall some unforgettable moments that should make us laugh at ourselves. We would also be dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s in readiness for the following day which is the D-Day,” he said.

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