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Home » Northern Coalition Slams ‘Fake News’ on Kogi Governors; Says Allegations ‘Politically Motivated’

Northern Coalition Slams ‘Fake News’ on Kogi Governors; Says Allegations ‘Politically Motivated’

Reacting to the ongoing controversy surrounding the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)’s investigation into alleged fraud in Kogi State, a coalition of Northern Groups has publicly dismissed recent allegations against the incumbent Governor of Kogi State, Ahmed Usman Ododo and former Governor Yahaya Bello.

At a joint Press Conference held at the IBB NUJ Conference Center in Minna on Wednesday, the Northern Youth Movement for Good Governance & Democratic Values and the North Central Progressives Voice described the accusations as baseless, Lacks logic and politically motivated as the former Governor Yahaya Bello is already in Court with the EFCC.

The controversy began when certain blogs reported that the Northern Ethnic Youth Group Assembly (NEYGA) had urged President Bola Tinubu to intervene in what they described as Governor Ododo’s interference with the EFCC’s investigation.

The reports alleged that Governor Ododo had been protecting former Governor of Kogi State His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello, who is purportedly wanted by the EFCC. According to these claims, Ododo used his immunity to shield Bello and lobbied influential figures in Abuja to secure his protection.

NEYGA’s spokesperson, Ibrahim Dan-Musa, in a statement, accused Governor Ododo of abusing his powers to shield Bello.

The statement further alleged that during the Sallah celebrations in Okene, Governor Ododo’s convoy facilitated Bello’s return and departure from his hiding place at the Government House.

The NEYGA statement went on to highlight various alleged crimes committed during Bello’s tenure, including abductions and misappropriation of state resources.

Reacting to these allegations, the Leadership and representatives of the Northern Youth Movement for Good Governance & Democratic Values and the North Central Progressive Voice held a press conference to refute the claims.

Alhaji Abubakar Mansur Muhammed and Comrade Maji Idris Chachanga, spokesmen for the coalition, labeled the news as “fake and unfounded”

They asserted that the reports were a product of opposition party propaganda, aimed at discrediting Governor Ododo following their defeat in the recent gubernatorial elections, the Election Tribunal and the rising Profile of Governor Ododo following his Exceptional Performance within 100days in Office, especially on welfare of the people and massive Infrastructural development across Kogi State.

Muhammed and Chachanga emphasized that their coalition, recognized as the authoritative voice of the northern region’s stakeholders and elders, had recently conducted consultations across northern states. They affirmed that there was substantial support for Yahaya Bello, whom they described as a dedicated leader who has significantly contributed to the development of Kogi State and the northern region.

The coalition urged Nigerians to disregard what they termed “fake news by a face Group” propagated by opposition blogs. They underscored that all recognized socio-political groups in the North stood firmly behind Bello and Ododo. The coalition appealed to President Tinubu to investigate the alleged harassment of Bello by the EFCC, suggesting that the accusations were politically motivated.

They lauded Bello for laying a solid foundation for Kogi State and for his substantial contributions to the region’s development. The coalition reiterated their commitment to supporting leaders who prioritize the welfare of their citizens and uphold transparency and accountability.

The coalition emphasized the importance of unity and vigilance in the fight against corruption. They expressed unwavering support for the EFCC’s efforts to combat corruption but warned against allowing political motivations to undermine these efforts. The groups vowed to continue monitoring the situation in Kogi State closely and called on the people of Kogi State to reject politicians who prioritize personal interests over public welfare.

As the debate continues, the contrasting narratives from the faceless NEYGA vs the Northern coalition reflect the deep political divisions in Kogi State.

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