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NECO: Kogi Education Commissioner Harps On Zero Tolerance For Malpractice

Wemi Jones

In a bid to ensure the integrity of the educational system in Kogi State, the Honourable Commissioner for Education, Hon. Wemi Jones FCIB, today addressed NECO supervisors and Area Educator Evaluators from Kabba-Bunu, Ijumu, Mopa-muro, Yagba West, and Yagba East LGAs during the 2024 NECO annual briefing at St. Augustine College, Kabba.

During his address, Hon. Wemi Jones emphasized the commitment of His Excellency Governor Usman Ododo to education, highlighting the timely payment of teachers’ salaries from primary to secondary schools since assuming office.

He also informed the attendees about the Examination law being enacted in the state, underscoring the government’s zero tolerance for examination malpractice.

Warning against the temptation of monetary benefits to allow cheating in exams, the commissioner cautioned all individuals involved to uphold the integrity of the examination process.

He made it clear that any individual caught engaging in malpractice would face prosecution.

Hon. Wemi Jones further revealed that similar briefings were being conducted across the state as part of a nationwide practice.

Additionally, he assured that government incentives, including palliatives, were being extended to teachers irrespective of their political affiliations.

The commissioner’s address serves as a strong reminder of the government’s unwavering commitment to upholding educational standards and ensuring a fair and transparent examination process in Kogi State.

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