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1. Like a dog with two tails, I am delighted to join like minds in rejoicing with one of our own; a great team player, highly experienced, and jolly good fellow in the struggle, Hon. Comrade Rasheed Bashir, on his deserving and highly elevating appointment as the acting Chief Executive (Caretaker Chairman) of Adavi Local Government Area, the land where some of my well respected brothers, leaders, and bosom friends originated.

2. Basis our long-sustained and mutually valued relationship for some good number of years now, a public expression of my felicitation as this to mark the significant development at hand revolving around his person is essentially in accordance with the love culture characterized by mutual respect and enduring spirit of togetherness evident in the unhesitating show of support to one another that has always existed amongst us for years regardless of differences in political leaning\interest sometimes.

3. Without mincing words, a major effect of his appointment as it extends to those of around him is the renewed sense of purpose, and to a great extent reaffirmed call or commitment to public service, emphasizing the projection and succeeding narratives that continues to hold promise of great tidings for us all in our endless pursuit of opportunities to make impact in whatever level of capacity sourced, so long it’s about contributing our quota to the management of state affairs and sustaining the drive towards our collective growth.

4. As someone with whom I relate closely, it is only a matter of courtesy and deliberate efforts to strengthen the existing bond that I extend my salutation to him on this significant conferring, especially that he would ordinarily do same to me, and has done towards in some shared moment of triumph in the past. I am particularly convinced that his strategic inclusion in the scheme of affairs is in order because of how he has conducted himself over the years even to the admiration of many, such that he enjoys their goodwill from far and near. Indeed, the job has been given to a capable hands, and indeed I share in that pride.

5. Also, as a matter of popular acceptance, and on a wider consideration, it is no other than right thinking when I describe this singular and joy-filled emerging modus that spotlights him in such designation as an inspiring and an appropriate turn out of event which demands my commendation as a way of reassuring the generality of our fold that my support remain unflinching in the unending agitation for the shift of power base to the younger generation.

6. As the law of the land tasks, and Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello also emphasized, his job is primarily to oversee the affairs of Adavi Local Government Area, and furthermore as a committed party member of the APC to widen the horizon of the party by engaging in grassroot mobilization and drawing of support ideally by providing the dividends of democracy to all section of his domain. I have no doubt that he is availed with a convincing level of experience from past positions of authority held, and as well as the right team to support him in making his stay in office count as progress remains the watchword.

7. There is no doubt that my relationship with folks from Adavi Local Government Area over the years is enough to make me have interest in what becomes of the generality of the natives that are affiliated with the area.
Additionally, with my years of relating with other respected and highly knowledgeable comrades and associates with impressive profile from the area , I am informed that other than the strategic confines of the territory, it is a place that remain vital in the continuous pursuits of our shared aspirations as a senatorial district because of size and abundant human and capital resources. It is therefore only expected that the responsibility of manning every succeeding administration in the council should be left in the hands of constituted authority spearheaded by a team of vibrant, visionary and popularly accepted public officer holders. Bearing this in mind, the appointment of Comrade Control B as we often refer to him, is a propelling indication.

8. The confidence reposed in him includes but not limited to the trust that he has the foresight to rejig the system, identify prospect both in human and capital resources, set in place a management team that will look beyond prevailing circumstances of adverse effects, and produce a blue print that appeals to the interest and support of all stakeholders for the greater good of all. Such a blue print should without minding the limited resources, focus on;

I . Expanding the size of projects and policies that are most importantly concerned with access to social amenities.

II. Strengthening the educational sector with emphasis on overhauling it to ensure that our value system is revived, and good character beginning with patriotism, discipline and honesty are thought alongside ensuring academic excellence both in grades and the ability to put learning into practice.

III. Make strategic and sustainable efforts in encouraging entrepreneurship with the specific target of not only encouraging self employment, but also in equipping graduates and the youths in general with the skills and technical know-how that gives them the allowance to compete favorably amongst their peers from neighboring localities, far and near.

IV. In addition with the efforts by Federal and State government, it will be wise to strength the security architecture of the area to reduce crimes, it’s tendencies, and make a thing of the past the menace of damaging lives and properties by few exploitative individuals amongst the populace.

9. A very interesting part of this development is that, it will undoubtedly x-ray the fitness, readiness, and the capability of the young generation to take on the mantle of leadership as the frowning at the resistance of the old players unwilling to get of the system continues.
An assurance that his reign will be favorable is that, as a former SUG President of the Federal College of Education, Zuba, and later again the SUG President of Prince Abubakar Audu University, Anyigba, he sure have a support base mainly of compromising youths.

10. Lastly, my advice will remain that as a fresh start, the people of Adavi local government area, particularly the youths, must do away with bias and prolonged differences, and support him to succeed as the ending effects of his reign will tell on the entirety of the citizenry without the exclusion of anyone or group of persons regardless of differences in religion and political leaning.

Again, congratulations to the people’s president, please do not forget to make us proud.

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