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Birthday: Chief Mrs. Esther Abejide Pens Appreciation Message To Well-Wishers

Chief Mrs Esther Abejide, the Olori Asiwaju has penned an appreciation message to well-wishers who took to the internet and several other mediums to celebrate the anniversary of her birth on Monday, 15th of April.

Mrs. Abejide, the wife of a Federal Lawmaker Hon. Leke Joseph Abejide, a member House of Representatives has received many accolades, and warm birthday wishes from all spheres of life including women’s forums, political groups, and individuals among other eminent persons.

Unanimously, they all attested to her kindness, humility, simplicity and good character.

In Mrs. Esther Abejide’s signed appreciation message, she expressed her surprise at the volume of the wishes which made her the number one trending topic on several WhatsApp platforms and other social media platforms.

“I have never in my life exercised any doubt as regards the love people have for me and my family, but this one came with another dimension of high hopes and overwhelming love.

“The wishes and prayers, a show of love and regard that poured in during my birthday from across the globe surpassed all my imagination. So great was it that I saw myself as the number one trending topic on different platforms, for several hours receiving adulations and praises from people, both known and unknown, young and old, different birthday wishes from Nigeria and outside Nigeria,” she said.

“I will attempt to appreciate everyone individually but I am aware that by the limited nature of man’s mind, I must unwittingly omit one or two names. However, my sincere gratitude and appreciation goes out to everyone who reached out in love and good wishes for me on my birthday. I wish you all, in equal and great measures, the fulfilment of your own heart desires.”

She appreciates everyone for their prayers, calls, text messages, and WhatsApp messages on all platforms.

“Thank you all and God bless you”.

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