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Home » 2024 IWD: Elulu-Elect Celebrates Mopa Women

2024 IWD: Elulu-Elect Celebrates Mopa Women

Business mogul and contractor, Otunba Muyiwa Ibeun, the Elulu-Elect for Mopa Traditional Stool has congratulated Mopa Women on 2024 International Women’s Day.

In a statement released by Elulu-Elect to journalist, he described Women as “salt of the world”.

Celebrating Mopa Women, he described them agent of peace and unity of the community, challenge them to be encouraged in Theme of the 2024 IWD; “Investing In Women: Accelerate Progress” to make their self ready to be invested upon.

Elulu-Elect urges the government to increase their priority on Human Capital Development for the feminine gender.

He said women naturally are multipliers, that investing in them will yield positive for Nigeria economy and development of the world.

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