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VOMY Congratulates Hon. Destiny As Caretaker Chairman, Charges Him To Do More.

This serves as a congratulatory message from Voice Of Mopamuro Youths (VOMY) to Hon. Ademola Bello (alias Destiny) on his appointment as Caretaker Chairman, Mopamuro Local Government by Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello.

Hon. Destiny is known to be generous fellow and lover of youths and development even before he came into full glare of politics.

Our main drive in VOMY is to continually preach UNITY in Mopamuro, which is the only key to genuine all round development. We plead with Hon. Destiny to continually dwell on this with the House of Assembly Member, Hon. Olawumi Jacob, Mopamuro Traditional Council, Mopa Welfare Society and Amuro Community Development Association and other stakeholders of and from the Local Government.

VOMY is seizing this opportunity to plead with Hon. Destiny to prove to Mopamuro people that he is indeed the man of the people by delivering quality representative projects.

Hon. Destiny is the immediate erstwhile member representing Mopamuro Constituency in Kogi State House of Assembly; “the glory of the later shall surpass the former” says the Bible, it is expected that Hon. Destiny should perform better as Caretaker Chairman.

We are sure that Hon. Destiny will make VOMY proud, Mopamuro people and the State Government of the All Progressives Congress (APC) that appointed him.

We pray to Almighty God that Mopamuro will be better in your time. Amen.


J.O. Abel-Ontop,

Leader, VOMY.



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