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Tribute To Godwin Obaseki, the Most Worker Friendly Governor in Nigeria – By Revd Olu Martins

Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki

A people rise and fall on leadership.

An ignorant leadership is worse than an epidemic. We can collectively fight an epidemic like we did to the Ebola virus and the Covid-19 virus and come out better and stronger as a Nation.

However, an ignorant and weak leadership makes us vulnerable and susceptible to all kinds of attacks — economic and otherwise.

A few days ago we received with shock the planned exit of Microsoft and Arthur Guinness lager beer from Nigeria. Both multinationals attribute their planned exit from the Nigerian business space to the cost of running businesses in Nigeria and the challenge of breaking even.

To talk about the constant rise in foodstuffs is almost sounding like a broken record. Now the issue isn’t the problems bedeviling us but the inability of the government at the center to inspire hope of a better tomorrow. This is that time in the lifetime of a Nation when you rally the people for economic recovery. This is the time to inspire and encourage, infuse energy into the people and lead from the front by demonstrating to everyone that Nigeria can be better through frugal living and spending by the government.

Alas, it would seem like the government and the governed live in different Countries. For while the governed are told to endure, the government just enjoys the pecks of Office.

When things are tough and rough what the people need is encouragement, what people need is vision, what people need is comforting words. What people need is an empathetic leader that understands and identifies with their sufferings.

Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki
Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki

A few days ago, typical of his style of understanding the pains of the Edo people, Governor Godwin Obaseki announced to the delight of everyone present that by today 14th of June 2024, he would be paying the June salaries of the Edo workers so that Salah scheduled for Sunday, three days away, can be an enjoyable religious observation.

Now, that is called the empathy of connectivity and the strength of a visionary Governor. No Governor in Nigeria sees through the myriads of the economic challenges workers face like Gov Obaseki does. He pays salaries as at when due and ensures that the workers have a befitting work environment for optimum service delivery.

The Edo worker has never had it so good with any Governor since the State was created, not even with Adams Oshiomole who was once the number one worker by virtue of being Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) President.

Obaseki cares, Obaseki thinks, Obaseki plans and Obaseki delivers. No workers strike in almost eight years, no protests in almost eight years, no industrial action or trade dispute of any kind in almost eight years of the Governor Godwin Obaseki led administration.

Clearly this is no fluke or happenstance, this is the result of clearly defined objectives and purposeful, deliberate and intentional leadership.

Now, we must be told in clear terms, a former welder who was lucky to become a senator because of protest votes cannot survive the rigours of this type of planning and thinking that Governor Godwin Obaseki puts into governance.

All hail GGO. All hail the Governor who has decided to finish well. All hail Edo workers who would reward him with a worthy successor in Dr Asue Ighodalo.


Revd Olu Martins,
Deputy Director General,
Media and Publicity,
Asue/Ogie Campaign Management Council, writes from his Church Office at Ugbor village Rd.

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