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Reappointment: Ankpa I Lawmaker, Hon. Akus Lawal Congratulates Prof. Usman Ogbo

The member representing Ankpa I State constituency at the State House of Assembly Hon. Akus Lawal has congratulated Prof. Usman Ogbo on his well-deserved re-appointment as the Rector of Kogi State Polytechnic Lokoja.

In a statement he personally signed and made available to journalists on Monday, Hon. Akus acknowledged Prof. Ogbo’s exceptional leadership, dedication, and commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and institutional development, which have contributed to the positive growth and reputation of the institution.

He noted that the re-appointment of Prof. Usman Ogbo as the Rector of Kogi State Polytechnic is a testament to his exemplary service, vision, and transformative leadership in steering the institution towards greater heights of academic excellence, research prominence, and student success.

He said ” Under his guidance and stewardship, the Polytechnic has witnessed significant advancements in infrastructure, curriculum development, and strategic partnerships, enhancing the quality of education and vocational training offered to students”.

The Lawmaker further commended Prof. Usman Ogbo for his unwavering commitment to fostering a conducive learning environment, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, and empowering students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their chosen fields.

Continuing, he said “Prof. Ogbo’s visionary leadership and strategic initiatives have positioned Kogi State Polytechnic as a leading institution of higher learning, renowned for its academic standards, research capabilities, and industry relevance.

“As a representative of the Ankpa I State Constituency, I recognizes the pivotal role that Prof. Usman Ogbo plays in shaping the educational landscape of Kogi State and advancing the socio-economic development of the region.

” Prof. Ogbo’s re-appointment affirms the confidence and trust placed in his leadership abilities to drive the Polytechnic towards achieving academic excellence, student empowerment, and community engagement”.

In celebrating Prof. Usman Ogbo’s re-appointment as the Rector of Kogi State Polytechnic, Hon. Akus Lawal expresses his support, admiration, and best wishes for continued success in leading the institution to new milestones of achievement, impact, and relevance in the academic realm.

“Prof. Ogbo’s visionary leadership, integrity, and dedication serve as an inspiration to the academic community, students, staff and members, reflecting the values of excellence, professionalism, and service to society.

“I am looking forward to witnessing the continued progress, growth, and positive transformation of Kogi State Polytechnic under the able leadership of Prof. Usman Ogbo. I am anticipating further collaborations, partnerships, and initiatives that will enhance the Polytechnic’s reputation, elevate its academic standard, and contribute to the overall development and prosperity of Kogi State”he stated.

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