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Ramadan: Adavi/Okehi Rep Member Greet Muslims

Hon. Abdulmaleek Abdulraheem Danga, the Honourable House Of Representatives member representing Adavi Okehi Federal Constituency, has extended his heartfelt Ramadan greetings to Muslims around the world as they observe the holy month of fasting and prayer. In his message, he expressed his best wishes for peace, prosperity, and spiritual enlightenment during this auspicious time.

As a prominent political leader in Kogi state, Hon. Abdulmaleek Abdulraheem Danga emphasized the importance of unity and brotherhood among all Muslims during Ramadan and beyond. He called upon believers to uphold the principles of compassion, generosity, and forgiveness as they fast and engage in acts of worship. Hon. Abdulmaleek Abdulraheem Danga also encouraged Muslims to use this sacred month as an opportunity to deepen their connection with Allah and seek spiritual growth.

In his Ramadan message, Hon. Abdulmaleek Abdulraheem Danga acknowledged the challenges and hardships faced by many individuals and families. He urged Muslims to show empathy and support to those in need, and to remember the importance of sharing blessings with others during this holy month. Hon. Danga reiterated the importance of community solidarity and helping those less fortunate, as exemplified by the teachings of Islam.

As Muslims across the world come together to observe Ramadan, Hon. Abdulmaleek Abdulraheem Danga’s message of hope, unity, and compassion serves as a reminder of the true essence of this sacred month. His words of encouragement and support resonate with believers as they embark on a spiritual journey of self-reflection, prayer, and acts of kindness. May his Ramadan greetings inspire all Muslims to strive for righteousness, generosity, and inner peace during this blessed time.

Signed: Matthew Samuel

S.A On Media To Hon. Abdulmaleek Abdulraheem Danga, Member Representing Adavi/Okehi Federal Constituency.

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