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North Central Youth Celebrates Illustrious Son, Pharm. ONUH Okpe Christian

The The stories of great men are told alongside their acts of valour, it is also very remarkable that their tales are not complete without where they emerge from. This is an act that has helped reckon individuals’ greatness with the traits of their kindreds and those that have gone before them. Worthy of note is that when encomiums are poured on the great strive of a person, their places of origin benefits maximally from same.

Pharm. ONUH Okpe Christian, CEO, Famkris Pharmaceuticals and Resources Ltd.
Pharm. ONUH Okpe Christian, CEO, Famkris Pharmaceuticals and Resources Ltd.
Born on the 10th of March, Pharm. ONUH, Okpe Christian is a giant, a colossus in business and commerce who stands tall, haven made his mark in several sectors of including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, construction and agriculture. His of business astuteness, even at a young age is a remarkable testimony of a rise from a humble beginning to becoming a strong example for the younger generation to model and through his vast experience he has since become “North central’s” illustrious Son.

In commemorating his birthday anniversary, carpets and celebration drums rolled out and encomiums poured, particularly from youths of the middle belts of the Nation who truly identified ONUH, Okpe Christian as a man who has made several impacts. According to many, his very rich profile, pedestal and prowess his an inspiration that have created a ripple effect of instigating younger people into desiring similar heights of valour. In a very short time, ONUH, Okpe Christian have acquired academic and professional accolades including Bachelors degrees and three different Masters degrees alongside membership of reputable professional bodies.

Pharm. ONUH, Okpe Christian who is an innovative Business Development and Entrepreneurship Expert with over 15 years of experience have successfully launched and running 5 companies spanning across the Healthcare, Agriculture, Finance, Manufacturing and Construction Industries. To many youths only a worthy son would bring bring honour to his region and with regards to this bright star, his giant strides is more than an exemplary living but a vivid expression of the “can do” spirit of sons and daughters of the middle belt of whom the Benue man stands illustrious.

Onuh’s successes in negotiating and securing global partnerships with 10 major investors and clients from Canada and the UK to India and Bangladesh is thought provoking; a pointer to his mastery in the business world. It is remarkable how a young man of lowly estate could rise to the height of international reckon, becoming a force. Based on youth’s avid opinion, such tales were strong reminders that the earth belongs to every man, even those who emerge from the middle belt. Onuh has similarly secured ground-breaking partnership with SKF manufacturing company for Africa’s sole therapeutic medication during the COVID lockdown. He is also passionate about orchestrating and facilitating public business development to drive sustainable growth and increased profitability. Considering all of these and many more, the North central youths summed up Onuh’s person, as a son indeed worthy of honour.

In Philanthropy, ONUH, Okpe Christian, the Chief Executive Officer Famkris Pharmaceuticals and Resources Limited is a man of many feathers. The North Central Youth attested to his numerous outreaches, extending of hands of gesture to the down trodden and other medical outreaches in communities. As a man who emboldens love for mankind, Onuh speaks expressly on community development and impact and even behind the blazing light of still and motion camera, he has being a shoulder for many to lean on.

Onuh is truly a worthy illustrious son of the middle belt and celebrating such a remarkable personality in commemorating his day of birth is a worthy venture.

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Gov. Usman Ahmed Ododo 100 Days In Office

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