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Kogi East: 97 Wards Benefits From Echocho’s Cash Empowerment

Senator Jibrin Isah Echocho has initiated a cash empowerment distribution, reaching out to residents across the nine local government areas of Kogi East senatorial district.

This initiative, aimed at alleviating economic hardship, has successfully covered all ninety-seven wards, demonstrating a broad and inclusive approach to empower the vulnerable.

During a press conference, Senator Isah, who represents Kogi East, disclosed that each beneficiary received N20,000 in cash.

The distribution was organized at the headquarters of each LGA, except Dekina and Bassa LGAs conducting their distributions at the Government Science Secondary School, Dekina.

This strategic choice of venues ensured a wide-reaching and effective delivery of the financial aid to the vulnerable.

Highlighting the impartiality of the process, Senator Isah emphasized that the selection of beneficiaries transcended political lines, ensuring that members from opposition parties also benefited his empowerment initiative.

This gesture underscores a commitment to community welfare over political affiliations.

Aware of the severe economic challenges facing the nation, Senator Isah voiced his determination to mitigate the impacts within his constituency.

“Nigeria is passing through a difficult time,” he acknowledged, stressing his resolve to alleviate the financial strain on his constituents through direct interventions like this.

Looking ahead, Senator Isah announced plans for the second phase of the empowerment, which aims to bolster small businesses within Kogi East.

This forthcoming phase promises to expand the scope of assistance, thereby fostering economic resilience among local enterprises.

He called for patience among those yet to benefit, assuring them of inclusion in the subsequent rounds of aid.

Through this initiative, Senator Isah has set a precedent for responsive and inclusive leadership, directly addressing the economic needs of his constituents amidst challenging times.

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