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Gov. Bello: Kogi State Sponsord Medical Students Paid Appreciation Visit

A momentous occasion unfolded yesterday as a group of pioneer medical students sponsored by the Kogi State Government to undertake clinical training across accredited institutions nationwide paid a visit to Governor Yahaya Bello. This visit marked not only an expression of gratitude but also the commencement of a new era in healthcare and medical education in the State.

Governor Bello, during the visit, received an award from the appreciative medical students and unveiled a series of groundbreaking initiatives poised to reshape the landscape of healthcare in Kogi.

In a move set to elevate Kogi’s standing in the medical field, Governor Bello announced a significant 100% increment in hazard allowances for medical doctors. This bold step positions Kogi as the state with the highest hazard allowance for medical professionals in the entire nation.

Recognizing the significance of nurturing local talent, Governor Bello confirmed the integration of pioneer medical students, now graduating doctors, into the Prince Abubakar Audu University Medical College and Teaching Hospital. This forward-looking decision aligns with the governor’s vision of fortifying the State’s medical education infrastructure.

Governor Bello further demonstrated his commitment to advanced learning by approving postgraduate scholarships for pioneer graduating doctors. This strategic initiative aims to foster specialization and expertise among the medical professionals in Kogi, contributing to the overall enhancement of healthcare services in the state.

To meet stringent standards for medical college accreditation, Governor Bello has undertaken proactive measures, including the expansion of existing structures and the recruitment of consultants and professionals. These efforts underscore the state’s dedication to providing top-tier medical education.

In a bid to address the brain drain and bolster the training of medical students from Kogi, Governor Bello has greenlit the payment of a monthly bond. This visionary move aims to retain and empower homegrown talent, reinforcing the state’s commitment to building a sustainable and resilient healthcare system.

Representing the parents forum, Usman Abdulazeez Ozovehe expressed heartfelt appreciation for Governor Bello’s unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare and medical education. Additionally, Abuh Raymond, the spokesperson for the students, extended gratitude to the governor for his monumental strides in education and healthcare, praising his visionary leadership that has positively impacted the lives of Kogi residents.

The Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) expressed its profound gratitude to the governor for the groundbreaking strides in infrastructural and human resource development within the state’s healthcare system. The governor’s visionary leadership brought about transformative changes, evident in the upgraded medical facilities and the increased pool of skilled healthcare professionals. These efforts not only enhanced the overall quality of healthcare services but also reflected a strong commitment to the well-being of the state’s residents.

The Vice Chancellor of Prince Audu Abubakar University Professor Marietu Ohunene Tenuche expressed sincere gratitude to the Governor for his unwavering support in education. The Governor’s steadfast commitment and interest in providing all necessary resources played a pivotal role in advancing the university’s mission, particularly in securing the NUC/MDCN accreditation for the medical college.

The graduating medical students express heartfelt gratitude to those who pioneered the transfer process, with special acknowledgment to Professor Muhammad Sanni Abdul Kadir. These dedicated individuals fought relentlessly to secure the successful transfer of the now-graduating doctors. Professor Kadir’s leadership and unwavering commitment have been instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition and providing opportunities for the graduating class to complete their medical education. The students extend their sincere appreciation to all involved, recognizing the invaluable efforts that have paved the way for their academic achievements and future contributions to the medical field.

Governor Yahaya Bello’s multifaceted approach reflects his unwavering commitment to the health and education sectors, setting a new standard for progressive governance in Nigeria. The press is invited to witness and report on the transformative journey unfolding in Kogi State.

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