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Ekinrin-Adde: How Can A king Of A Clan Who Just Got Graded From No Class to First Class In 2023 Be Paramount Ruler? Facts Must Be Stated!

We read with dismay, lies conjured by one Aribido David Jaiyeoba, who either ignorantly misplaced facts or deliberately conjured lies.

Which ever case, I think we owe Aribido and his sponsors, home and abroad, the proper education they are in want of.

Ekinrin- Adde is made up of several contiguous villages that have, over the years settled and resettled around themselves under one traditional kingship known as Olu Adde.

Historically, the contiguity of these communities was to aid self-defense against the invasion of the Ibons, who capitalized on the smallness of the communities to invade them perennially.

All these communities were founded by siblings who lived in separate enclaves to give themselves ample spaces for independent farming and hunting expedition. However, they were close enough to be mobilized as a force against invaders. The settlements included: ONA: which consists of four families Abudo, Ilufe, Iloja and Odo-Adde,

OTUN: which is made up of eleven families, namely:Alefere, Idiharan, Ilode, Akodi, Ibafin, Ilakun, Iluji, Isapara, Odokoko, Okeaofin and Okehalo.

OHI: made up of four families: Ilaga, Okedagba, Iloho and Igaga

EKINRIN was amongst the brothers. Ekinrin was said to be one of the families of Ona, that was separated by great distance.

Their progenitor was said to be a brother and personal friend of Odundun.

The Addes, (Ona, Otun and Ohi) in their togetherness was able to put a stop to the invasion of the ibons.

However, during the reign of Olu Odundun, news came that his isolated brother and friend was still being subject to intimidation of the ibons.

Ekinrin at that time were hiding in mountains and rocks.

It was a very small family that was subject to the reign of Olu, because like I said before, they were part of Ona clan.

From their hidings they would occasionally send a spy to see if it was safe to come out. The spy will come and tell them ‘Ode le’ (meaning outside is hard).

Odundun came with his warriors, to await the Ibon invaders. The Ekinrin family refused to come out, insisting ‘Ode le’

The ibons came as usual and Odundun and his warrior defeated them. It was when Odundun sent one of the warriors to the hiding place of Ekinrin, with the severed hear of the leader of the invaders, that, they now came out.

Ekinrin was the one that gave Odundun the name ‘Ahode dero’ because he said Ode ti dero.

Odundun, because of his love for his brother and friend, mobilized the Adde clans to build a wall round Ekinrin to see to it that the community is no more opened to easy attack. They eventually migrated to join the Ekinrin.

I have read one unfounded story that says Ekinrin built the community wall. Blatant lies!!! How many were they?

There are so many facts, that this generation do not know or maybe they pretend not to know, because we have been silent for long.

If Odundun were to be a greedy individual, he would have taken over the settlement completely.

What are we talking about? Until the late seventies, we can count the number of houses belonging to Ekinrin on the fingers of one hand, all of them clustered around Ojode.

We had the houses of Chief Beni Faleke, Otitoju, Alaghere, Olukoyi, Oshatogbe, Fakolade. That was all.

The stool of Akinrin is a recent development. It started with J.T. Oni of blessed memory in the late nineties.

The traditional leadership of Ekinrin has always been vested in the highest title holder within the family.

As said earlier, Ekinrin takes shares with the Ona, until sometimes between 1984 and 1990 when they came up at one Annual General Meeting of EACDA that they want to stand as an entity. They were told that the implication would be that, they would start to pay annual due, that is equivalent of what Ona is paying and considering their number, they may not be able to pay. They insisted they will pay. It was granted them and they never defaulted.

The problem was that Olu-Adde was the custodian of the land. Nobody ever paid for land allocation. As a matter of fact, it was reported that Olu Ajibulu was the one that gave Egbeda-Egga their present location for settlement. (Though Egbeda has said the land belonged to Iffe and supreme court has noted that.)

After Olu Ajibulu, Olu Aiyeniko took custody of the land and its allocation.

However, during the tussle that rocked Ekinrin-Adde, between 1974 to 1996, during the reign of Olu Babalola, the community was polarized and the question of land allocation and who will be responsible came forth.

Iyamoye and Iffe, keying on the disunity challenged the ownership of the land, insisting that It was Ekinrin that leased the land from them.

Ekinrin Adde won the case up to appeal court. It was around that time, that Ekinrin came up with the idea that, they want to be collecting money for every allocation of land. Adde people then said, EACDA money, should no more be used to prosecute the case.

At the supreme court, Ekinrin lost the case. I learnt their lawyer did not even appear, because he was not paid his legal fee.

That was the point that Adde people started buying land. It was not so in the begining.

Let me challenge the limited knowledge of Aribido.

1) Why are their Obas known by different titles? One is Onore, another was Olukoyi, then another Elewa.

As a matter of fact, David Aribido’s grandfather, Chief Aribido was once the Oba of Ekinrin. His title was Onore Adde.

At his demise, the most senior chief was Olukoyi of Adde, Chief Medaiyese. He was recognized as their Oba.

Aribido should go and find out, why there is no where in government documents was Akinrin of Ekinrin ever mentioned.

It is just recently, some people in London are trying to forge a strange narration into Wikipedia. Even the content is being edited every other minute.

The first Akinrin to enter into government book was the eminent Royal Highness, Oba S. A. Faleke, while the first graded Akinrin, is HRM Oba Kolade Otitoju. He was graded last year and we are happy for him. His grading has put our community as a community where an Oba moved from zero class to third, second and first class within 22 minutes. Great record for us there. Other communities today envy us and we are proud of such achievement.

However, this feat must not be ignorantly used to undermine the authority of the a Olu Adde of Ekinrin-Adde. We will oppose that vehemently without reservation.

We have decided to maintain our calm for the sake of communal peace. But now, the die is cast.

Aribido should fabricate more lies and we will educate him and his sponsors more.

Olu Adde of Ekinrin-Adde is the only paramount ruler in Ekinrin Adde.

The issue of Ekinrin having parallel chieftaincy tittle with Adde is a recent development. The position of Alla, Elekula and others are new development.

Can Aribido tell us how many Elekula of Ekinrin he can recall?

Ekinrin was the fifth clan in Ona until late 80s when they requested and became the fourth clan in Ekinrin Adde.

Though, no one is denying the fact that, they were the first settlers in the present Ekinrin Adde.

Oladele Isaac, for Concerned Ekinrin-Adde Citizens.

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