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Distinguished Senator Jibrin Isah Echocho Honors the Legacy of the Late Senator Alex Usman Kadiri

Akor Martins.

In a solemn and dignified session on the Senate floor, Distinguished Senator Jibrin Isah Echocho, representing the Kogi East Senatorial District, delivered a powerful tribute to the late Senator (Dr.) Alex Usman Kadiri, who passed away on June 27, 2024. Senator Kadiri’s illustrious career and enduring contributions to Nigerian politics and public service were commemorated in an address that resonated with both Senate members and the broader public.

Senator Echocho’s tribute was a meticulously crafted homage, reflecting on the life and achievements of a man whose influence spanned multiple sectors. Born on June 21, 1942, in Odu-Ogboyaga, Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi State, Senator Kadiri’s journey from his humble beginnings to becoming a distinguished senator is a narrative of dedication, resilience, and outstanding public service.

Senator Kadiri’s educational background is a testament to his pursuit of excellence. He attended prestigious institutions, culminating in a BSc in Physiology and Human Anatomy from the University of Ibadan, followed by a PhD in Physiology from the University of Leeds, England. His professional career began at the Central Bank of Nigeria as a Currency Clerk and evolved through various academic and administrative roles, including a senior lectureship at the University of Benin and positions as Commissioner of Health and Commissioner of Works in Benue State.

In his Senate tenure from 1999 to 2003, Senator Kadiri was known for his effective leadership and strategic contributions to numerous committees, including Petroleum Resources, Army and Defense, Steel and Metallurgy, Ethics, Privileges & Petitions, Women Affairs & Youth Development, and Inter-Parliamentary Affairs. Notably, he chaired the critical negotiations between ASUU and the Federal Government in 2001, which resulted in the landmark ASUU/FGN agreement and the resolution of an eleven-month strike, underscoring his commitment to advancing Nigeria’s educational system.

Senator Echocho highlighted Senator Kadiri’s legislative achievements, particularly his role in the passage of significant bills such as the NECO Bill and the University Autonomy Bill, which have had a lasting impact on the nation’s educational framework. Post-Senate, Senator Kadiri continued to serve with distinction as the National Chairman of the Nigeria Senators Forum from 2003 to 2010.

Senator Echocho’s tribute also acknowledged Senator Kadiri’s numerous accolades, including the J. F. Kennedy Essay Competition N.E. Winner and Commonwealth Academic Scholar, reflecting his intellectual prowess and commitment to public service. His membership in esteemed organizations like the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (ANIPR) and the Nigerian Institute of Management (MNIM) further exemplified his dedication to professional excellence.

The tribute concluded with the Senate’s resolution to observe a minute of silence in honor of Senator Kadiri and to pay a condolence visit to his family. This initiative, led by Senator Echocho, epitomizes the deep respect and admiration for Senator Kadiri within the Senate and the nation.

Senator Jibrin Isah Echocho’s tribute was not merely a reflection on the past but an inspiration for the present and future. His eloquent and heartfelt words serve as a reminder of the enduring legacy of Senator Alex Usman Kadiri and the profound impact of dedicated public service. This tribute stands as a testament to the values of leadership, commitment, and excellence that both Senator Kadiri and Senator Echocho embody.

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