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Home » BelloVsEFCC: Akoji Slams SDP Over Protest To Arrest Former Governor, Accuses Achuba

BelloVsEFCC: Akoji Slams SDP Over Protest To Arrest Former Governor, Accuses Achuba

A Lawyer and Public Affairs analyst, Mr. Akoji James Ogbadu has condemned the Social Democratic Party (SDP) supporters who mobilized thugs and miscreants to the EFCC headquarters Abuja on Friday, demanding the arrest of the former Governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Bello over what the group called “Looting of Kogi State Treasury In The last Eight Years”.

Akoji expressed dismay by the supporters of SDP over the unorganized demonstration of shame at the EFCC. He said as a citizen of Kogi State who overtime appreciates the abundant qualities of Kogi people felt embarrassed by the Simon Achuba led protest. He described the event as efforts and tactics to blackmail the EFCC into arresting the former Governor unjustly. The Public Affairs Analyst believes the EFCC knows how to do their job with laid down procedures and processes.

Akoji said he was a major critic of the former Governor until December 2023 when he took his time to do a comprehensive review of the achievements of the former Governor vis-a-vis the total inflows from FAAC to Kogi State accrued in the Eight Years of Bello.

Akoji stated “I took my time to go through the entire Kogi State Projects Gazette and I was amazed by the achievements of the former Governor.

“He said as a public affairs analyst who has monitored Income and Expenditures of other States in Nigeria, was shocked that the former Deputy Governor who led the protest to EFCC did not take cognisant of the fact that Kogi State Government under Yahaya Bello had their entire financials published on the Kogi State website and it made it easy for public scrutiny and accountability.

Akoji said the most painful issue was the fact that Simon Achuba who served as Deputy Governor under Yahaya Bello in his first term did not realize that the Kogi State financials from 2016 till date are online for the public to see.

He stated clearly that, if Bello alone took N80bn as claimed by Achuba, how will the State under Yahaya Bello have achieved so much.

Mr. Akoji highlighted some projects such as follows:

1. Construction of Hassan Katisina/Mount Patti Road

2. Rehabilitation/ Asphalt overlay of Chari Maigumeri Ring road/street lightening

3. Construction/Rehabilitation of lokoja township Road Lot ll

3. Construction/Rehabilitation of lokoja township Road Lot III

4. Construction/rehabilitation of lokoja township Road Lot I

5. Agassa upogoro Road with spur to Auchi Byepass, Okene

6. Rehabilitation/Asphalt overlay of Obehira/Ihima Road with spur to Obangede

7. Ogori-Magongo Road

8. Construction of Ogaminana/Ebogogo/Total junction spur Ebogogo-Eika-Itakpe Road

9. Construction of Otokiti/Ganaja Dual carriageway

10. Construction of 19.84km Okene Township Roads

11. Grade separation intersection (flyover bridges) at Ganaja junction, lokoja

12. Rehabilitation of 4.7km paparanda square/Nataco junction ( Dual carriageway) lokoja

13. Rehabilitation of 5km lokoja township Road

14. River Niger shoreline protection and Beach Embankment

15. Beautification and Landscaping of Beach Embankment

16. Construction of 9km zone 8 roundabout to GYB junction

17. Rehabilitation and asphalt overlay of 13.71km Itakpe junction -Total junction Okene Road

18. Construction of 3.72km internal road networks for phase II development of CUSTECH Osara

19. Reconstruction of 5.5km zone 8 / crusher dual carriageway

20. Renovation work at school of nursing and midwifery Obangede

21. Conversation of old male hostel to classroom

22. Renovation of old staff office block and demonstration block

23. Ditto,Hall A & B

24. Ditto, library block

25. Renovation of main Governor’s office and other residential (II) quarters Government house lokoja

26. Renovation of DSS official quarters at G.R.A lokoja

27. Completion of debt management office at ministry of finance

28. Construction of admin building for graphic newspaper co-operation

29. Construction of official residence of SSG kogi state

30. Landscaping of Secretariat phase I

31. Construction of a chapel in Government house, lokoja

32. Construction and remodeling of presidential lodge Government house lokoja

33. Construction and rehabilitation of Government house Mosque lokoja

34. Construction of fence and gate house at graphics newspaper co-operation

35. Construction of new hostel, block for school of nursing Obangede

36. Construction of admin building school of nursing and midwifery Obangede

37. Construction of gate house tower and approach fence at school of nursing and midwifery Obangede

38. Construction of fence at school of nursing and midwifery Obangede

39. Construction of clinic for school of nursing and midwifery Obangede

40. Construction of 50 bed capacity hostel block govt. Girls Sec. School Obangede (lot 2)

41. Re-construction of admin block at Okene (lot A)

42. Reconstruction of ministry of justice building including external works lot B

43. Construction of Government Lodge Okene

44. Renovation of Adavi market

45. Ministry of Transport

46. Renovation of FM transmitter house at mount Patti lokoja

47. Construction of office complex for civil engineering department ministry of works

48. Construction of Army camp ( police camp)

49. Renovation of the office building of the secretary to the government of kogi state

50. Construction of proposed remand home and rehabilitation center, lokoja

51. Remodeling/ redesign of kogi state hotels

52. Construction of Muhammadu Buhari civic center

53. 53. Construction of kogi state ministry of justice office complex

54. Construction of ultra modern general hospital complex

55. Construction of ultra modern general hospital complex

56. Construction of rehabilitation of mobile police squadron unit, Oro, Okene

57. Renovation and construction of admin block of specialist hospital, lokoja

58. Construction of GYB model Science secondary school Adankolo

59. Renovation and remodeling of GGSS Oboroke

60. Construction of a new central reference hospital

61. Renovation and remodeling of Old general hospital Okene

62. Construction of senate building of confluence university of science and Tech, (CUSTECH) Osara

63. Construction of computing and informatics at CUSTECH

64. Construction of faculty of basic medical and health science at CUSTECH

65. construction of faculty of engineering at CUSTECH

66. Construction of university library and supply of furniture at CUSTECH Osara

67. External works remodeling and psychiatric building at specialist hospital lokoja

68. Construction of GYB model Science secondary school Ogaminana

69. Construction of GYB model technical college Oboroke Ihima

70. Construction of GYB model Science secondary school, iruvucheba

71. Lokoja, Banda/ kotonkarfe 33KVA trunkline

72. Electrification project

73. Wireless powered traffic signal light system

74. Upgrading of 33KV line at state secretariat

75. Upgrading of 33KV line at kogi state specialist hospital lokoja

76. Installation of solar powered streetlights 120 units along major roads in lokoja: zenith – Govt. Day Sec. School, Andankolo.

Federal university road – Dunamis junction.

Fen junction – Kogi Circle.

House of assembly roundabout completion

77. Procurement and Installation of 388 units of three-in-one solar powered streetlights for Okene Township Roads

78. Procurement and Installation of 404 units All-in-one solar powered streetlights for confluence university of science and technology, Osara

79. Procurement of 3No. Advance fire truck

80. Procurement of accessories and equipment for advance fire truck (3No).

81. Construction of Ibana/Okpo-Ogugu/ Ette Road

82. Idah / Ajaka / Ejule/ Ayingba junction Road

83. Rehabilitation of Ankpa – Abejukolo Road

84. Construction of Ankpa Township Roads (Lot7)

85. Construction of Odenyi/Oguma/Sheria Road project

86. Construction of some selected structures in Attah Igala palace

87. Construction of Ankpa Market

88. Construction of New Ultra-Modern Clinical complex in Prince Abubakar Audu University Hospital, Ayingba

89. Remodeling of community secondary school Ajiyolo-Ojaji

90. Construction of GYB model Science secondary school Idah

91. Odolu-Efu Primary Health care Clinic

92. Agbada water Project

93. Solar power lights in Oganenigwu community

94. Payment of WAEC Fees

95. Payment of JAMB Fees

96. Construction of Bassa Road

97. Provisions of medical equipment to Zonal Hospital

98. Implementation of 100% Hazard Allowance for Medical Practitioners

99. Rehabilitation of Road at the 200 Units, Lokoja

100. And many more

Mr. Akoji further disclosed that Kogi State stands as Number 1 in fiscal accountability and Transparency amongst all State in Nigeria and that the former Governor, His Commissioner for Finance, the State Accountant General, State Auditor General and Auditor General for Local Government are all Chatered Accountants, no wonder the transparency in the income and Expenditures of Kogi State remains an open document online real time.

He advised Rt. Hon Simon Achuba to desist from shameful acts due to political differences with his former boss, as it will put the image and reputation of Kogi State in negative perspectives amongst the Committee of State. Akoji used the platforms to commend the former Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello for his achievements and urge him to continue to display high level of maturity as he was known for, which earned him several awards on Security, Infrastructural Development and Transparency by the President and other reputable organizations in Nigeria and globally.

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