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WAEC Payment: Kogi STETSCOM Denies Stoppage, Says Natasha Misleading Public

The Kogi State Science, Technical and Teaching Service Commission (STETSCOM) has denied that the commission had stopped the payment of WAEC fees by those wanting to assist secondary school students.

The campaign organization of Kogi Central Senatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan had alleged that Kogi State Government stopped private individuals from assisting students with payment for political reasons.

The allegation by the campaign organization, followed a letter by STETSCOM to Principals of secondary schools, directing them to seek permission before taking students out of the state and their schools for programs.

The letter reads: “As a result of the security situation in our nation, all the STETSCOM Zonal directors are directed to inform all the principals in their respective zones, that students’ participation in Zonal programme outside their schools and external programme outside the state is strictly on permission by the authority of STETSCOM.

“The Zonal Directors should sternly warn the Principals in their zone, that should any Principal defaulted this instruction, he or she will certainly and surely be shown the way out. Strictly comply with this instruction, please.”

While the STETSCOM said the directive was for security reasons, the campaign organization said it was an attempt by the government to stop Natasha Akpoti from paying WAEC fees.

However, the Chairman of STETSCOM, Cecilia Cook has described the allegation as misleading.



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